Best Dog Bed for Beagles to Comfort Your Pooch

Like the human, our paw friends including beagles have their basic needs. Eating, running, playing around, and a sound, relaxing sleep is their necessities. Basically, beagles have longer sleeping hours compared to human beings. Because of this, they also need to have the best dog bed for beagles to call their own. Here, we will give the available best dog bed for beagles in the market. Check their amazing features and what makes them stand out from the rest.

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Do dogs like sleeping with their owners?

Most of the time, pawrents may find it frustrating when their beagle is sleeping on their bed. This mostly happened even if they have the best dog bed for beagles. Beagles choosing to sleep over their owner’s bed entail some scientific reasons.

Beagles are lonely

Compared to other animals, dogs are the most social creatures. They generally want to be connected to people or their surroundings most of the time. If they see people going to sleep, they rather want to jump into the bed. And, to get out of there loneliness, they are looking for someone to cuddle.

Beagles might feel cold

Generally, dogs tend to sleep on the bare floor. And, it is a part of the house that is usually cold during the night. Human’s bed is basically more comfortable and cosy. The additional accessories like the blankets and the body heat may add up to that warm feeling.

Beagles want the smell of the bed

Beagles, and generally all dogs, like the smell of their pawrents. That’s why they love to jump into the bed because they love smelling their owners. Keep in mind that the smelling receptors of doggies are 40 times higher compared to humans. This simply means that beagles can still recognize their owner’s scent in the bed.

Beagles love their pawrents

The most basic answer why dogs sleep in the bed with their owners is that they really love their pawrents. They really want to be with you the most time of the day because they cherish your relationship. And because of that, as pawrents, beagles considered their owners as their fave person in the universe.

Do dogs need the best dog bed for beagles?

Generally, the average sleeping time of dogs is around 12 to 14 hours. Aside from that, dogs spend seven hours lying around and resting most of the time. Knowing this fact, dogs really need the best dog bed for beagles.

There are several reasons for needing the best dog bed for beagles. Our paw friends are in need of a supportive and comfortable place to rest into. And that’s what the best dog bed for beagles are for. Moreover, here are the other benefits of having the best dog bed for beagles:

Best dog bed for beagles to call their own

This four-legged animal has this attitude of looking for a safe, soft, and comfortable area to put their authority over it. There may be instances that a dog that does not have the best dog bed for beagles may look for insulation.

Doggy may look for blankets or clothes to have a warm place. Another thing is that they may take over the couch corner or their owner’s bed instead. Having the best dog bed for beagles may provide comfort and warmth that they need.

In addition, the best dog bed for beagles gives a secure area in the dog’s regular hangouts. Pawrents should ensure that the best dog bed for beagles can be easily relocated in anyplace at any time. And better to start to train the dogs to sleep in the best dog bed for beagles during their puppy stage.  

Best dog bed for beagles boost doggies health

Dog beds of any design generally have the objective of avoiding sores on dog’s skin. This condition typically occurs when the doggies spend most of their hours on a hard surface. Aside from that, dogs with anxiety may benefit the most from the best dog bed for beagles. The reason for this is that the dog bed can offer security for this furry animal.  

Best dog bed for beagles enhance the sleeping pattern of human

Based on studies, pet owners sleeping with their pet paws in a single bed have a bad sleeping experience. But, pawrents who sleep on their own bed and their dog on the best dog bed for beagles had a good night rest.

The dog can provide security while sleeping in one room. However, sharing a bed with them may cause sleep interruption for human through the dog’s movement.

What size bed does a beagle need?

Actually, the size of the best dog bed for beagles can be identified even without using a mathematical equation. Just follow the guide on how to appropriately collect the doggies’ measurements.

Gather the dog’s correct measurement

To collect the data of the doggie’s measurement, try it during their nap time and not in their deep sleep. Using a tape measure, get the length of the dog in terms of centimetres. But, make sure that the dog is in a normal sleeping position like stretched out.

If not, wait for the moment that they are into that position. In case they are stretched out, measure from the nose to the tips of the feet. Meanwhile, if on a curled up position, go for the outside of the body for measurement.

Identify the size of the new bed

The dog’s measurement may be helpful in determining the size of the best dog bed for beagles. Here is a simple equation to use to guarantee that the bed is appropriate for the size of the doggy.

Equation:     Dog’s measurement while sleeping + 25 cm

This measurement will be the estimated size of the best dog bed for beagles. However, please be reminded that this is just a simple equation guide and not a guarantee to land on the fitted bed.

The beagle usually weighs 10 – 25 kilograms. Its body is under the medium-framed animal. With this statistic, the ideal best dog bed for beagles has a size of 70 cm x 55 cm walled bed.

Meanwhile, the pillow bed has an ideal size of 115 cm x 90 cm. The measurements for the best dog bed for beagles are based on length x width.  

Choosing the Best Dog Bed for Beagles Buying Guide

Having the list of must-haves for doggies where it includes the best dog bed for beagles, there are factors to take into account. In case, a comfortable and pleasant dog bed is on the list, below are some of the things to look for.

1. Style

The best dog bed for beagles comes in different styles and each has its own uniqueness.

Flat mats – this is one of the most inexpensive dog bed styles. It is usually suitable for the shape of the doggies’ crates.

Snuggle bedsthis dog bed design is generally suitable for small-framed dogs where curling up is a thing for them. This looks like a beanbag chair.

Cuddler bedsthis appears as the old-school oval-shaped dog bed.

Bolsterslarge dogs usually fit in this dog bed style. It has a built-in pillow on the long portion of the bed.

Donut-shapedit has a removable pillow at the centre of the circle-shaped bolster

Waterproofa better option for outdoor utilization

Homemade bedsanother inexpensive dog bed design and are also customizable. Tutorial videos for this dog bed are widely available over the web.

Special Dog Bedsthis dog bed design is highly applicable for older dogs or those doggies with medical requirements

§  Orthopedic beds – it provides support for the joints of old dogs or huge-framed dogs

§  Heated beds – this special dog bed has a goal of keeping the dog’s body warm. This is highly beneficial for those doggies with arthritis in which this condition is worsened by the cold.

§  Travel beds – the portable dog bed that is highly appropriate for dogs with anxiety when going to new places.

§  Cot-style beds – this dog bed can help your dog in supporting their joints comfortably.

2. Well-fitted

The best dog bed for beagles must fit the dog on it. Look for something in which the heads and limbs portion of the dog’s body does not hang on the edge.

3. Ease of washing

Usually, the best dog bed for beagles is a place where this creature can eat and scratch their bodies. There are also instances in which the dogs urinate on it. Because of this, look for dog beds that can be easily thrown into the washing machine. Moreover, regular dog bed washing has a great benefit for dogs with allergies.

4. Security

When looking for the best dog bed for beagles, opt for something that can be easily placed on areas with no high-traffic. Also, look for dog beds that have minimal or at least no buttons or ribbons. These dog bed accessories may be chewed by the dog.

5. Materials

As much as possible, in planning to buy the best dog bed for beagles, go for eco-friendly one. This could be beneficial for the dog and the environment.

6. Accessories

There are some dog bed accessories that may be hardly needed when buying the best dog bed for beagles. This includes the absorbent pads for those doggies that are sick or are already old. Including absorbent pads as dog bed accessories are convenient as they are either washable or disposable.


Product Name: PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

Product Description: If you are looking for a more modern dog bed style with smart functionality, then better go for PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed. This is the best dog bed for beagles as it is made of premium components. It has a memory foam base which can provide excellent comfort, enhanced dog’s health and energy. Moreover, it has an appealing, modernized style that is very suitable in every corner of your home. This dog bed can help your dog to experience a modernize living inside your home. And with its great value, PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed is very easy to clean with its removable cover and bolster cushion.

Availability: InStock

  • Softness
  • Chew Proof
  • Water Resistant
  • Removable


The PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed has a size of 36 x 28 x 9 inches. Having this measurement, this dog bed can accommodate medium to large frame dogs. Or it can also hold various smaller doggies that can weigh up to over 100 pounds. In addition, this is very ideal for dog’s all life stages.


  • With firm memory foam
  • Poly-filled bolster is made up of recycled materials
  • Water-resistant
  • Removable and washable cover
  • Safe for skin contact


  • Failure-prone zipper
  • Noisy fabric


Bagel Pet Dog Bed

Another dog bed that includes in the list of the best dog bed for beagles is the Bagel Pet Dog Bed. When you are looking for your dog’s comfort regardless of their age and size, this dog bed is the best. It is made of high-quality materials imported from the USA which ensure an excellent cushion dog bed for your pooch.

Moreover, Bagel Pet Dog Bed has a bolster which makes the dog have their head’s resting portion. Aside from this, the bolster supports the dog’s spine by straightening them. This dog bed gives real comfort to your doggy on its round-shaped appearance.

Available from four various sizes, the Bagel Pet Dog Bed also offers stable design. With its soft, durable cotton material, this dog bed is very easy to clean. And for its 32-inch size, it is pretty much applicable for medium-framed doggies.


✔️ Water-proof base

✔️ Made of premium high loft polyester fibre


❌ Non-removable cover

Furhaven Ergonomic Contour Pet Dog Bed

If your dog is fond of cuddling, the Furhaven Ergonomic Contour Pet Dog Bed is a perfect choice. It has an open design which gives more area for the doggie to slouch. Meanwhile, the contour portion of the dog bed boosts their sleeping experience.

The Furhaven Ergonomic Contour Pet Dog Bed is made of materials that are delicate on the nose and paws. The Minky faux fur fabric gives an elegant look to the design of this dog bed. Aside from that, it provides comfort during sleeping time.

Another great feature of this dog bed is that the foam base is really thick. This is really advantageous for giving comfort for the joints of the dogs. Moreover, various colours are available to choose from.


✔️ American made

✔️ CertiPur US Certified

✔️ Provides orthopaedic support

✔️ Easy to clean



❌ Prone to scratching


Frequently Asked Questions


A: Aside from the best dog bed for beagles, elevated dog beds also cater to various benefits for your pooch. It offers good support for the dog’s body and has a comfortable temperature to relax into. Moreover, elevated beds are also easy to wash and clean as well.


A: Having the best dog bed for beagles is a great achievement as pawrents. Yet, the next big thing to do is to find the best spot to place it. But you do not have to worry as it is easy to do. Here are some options where you may consider placing the dog bed.

1.    Identify the area where your dogs want to hang out the most.

2.    Place it in a conspicuous place. However, make sure that it does not block the way.

3.    Opt for a place that is warm.

4.    Another option is a little space inside your bedroom

5.    Consider placing the dog bed outside the house.


A: Below are the things that you should look for in order to distinguish if the dog bed already calls for replacement.

  • The dog bed is full of fur.
  • When lying on the dog bed, the dog’s head and paws are already out on the floor.
  • The dog wants to sleep on the side of the bed

Final Words

The best dog bed for beagles provide extra comfort to your pooch. Aside from that, it is also beneficial in enhancing the sleeping experience of the pet owners. The best thing is to ensure that you purchase a durable and high-quality one for your doggy.

With our list above, what do you think of those best dog beds? Please share your thoughts with us!