Best Dog Crates for Escape Artists

Having a dog in your life requires the lifelong responsibility of training them so they will be fully integrated into your household. Although you may love your dog as much as you love your human friends and family, they are still, well, dogs. A dog has his or her place. The boundaries should be made clear to ensure proper behavior from your dogs. The first thing you should make clear to your dog is they have their own space in the house. Best dog crates for escape artists can help your dog stay and not stray around in other parts of the house unless they are called or taken out for a walk or join in an activity. You need your dog to have the utmost respect for you and for them to exhibit good behavior to ensure harmonious living.

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Best Dog Crates for Escape Artists

Crate training your dog with best dog crates for escape artists

Choose the Right Crate for Your Dog

The right best dog crates for escape artists will help your dog follow your orders. You should choose a crate that is durable, comfortable, and flexible with whatever training you’re doing. Some dogs prefer to sleep in the dark, and for these types of canines, you can make kennel or airline crates work for them since these are more enclosed. Wire kennels, on the other hand, work for most dogs who are not comfortable with the dark. What is crucial, however, is not to buy a crate that is too small for your dog. You should predict how big your dog is going to get and select the right kind of crate that will accommodate their full size. Put dividers initially and build the space as they gain in size.

Establish the Proper Mindset

You should make sure that the best dog crates for escape artists is a space your dog will be comfortable in and something they will associate with relaxation. This way, they will truly enjoy hanging out in their crate. For example, if you put some toys in the crate for them to play with, they will begin to associate the crate as a place where they can find stimulation. On the other hand, if you put them on the crate when they are calm or sleepy, they will see the carte as a place of rest. Try bringing them into the crate so they will come to see it as their home.

Determine How Your Dog Will Be Most Comfortable

Dogs have their own idea of what is comfortable for them, and it is best to do some trial and error. Try to bring in some dog beds or towels to make the crate comfier. If your dog likes them, you should put these items as part of your dog’s crate. Some dogs may react differently though and tear up cloth bed or pee on it. It is really not such a bad thing if your dog dispenses of comforts since most of them just really prefer hard surfaces.

Give the Dog a Treat After They Go into the Crate

One way of getting your dog to stay in the best dog crates for escape artists is by giving them a treat. Remember that positive reinforcement always works. You can give them a toy with special treats inside while they are on the crate. They will be staying at the crate for a longer period of time as they struggle to get the treats out of the toy. They will associate being in the crate with a positive experience of being able to have an enjoyable activity.

Keep an Eye on the Time

Your dog should not be confined in their crate all day; otherwise, it will interfere with their normal activities. They need time outside the crate to eat, be physically active, and use the bathroom. Dogs are clean and hygienic and want to keep the place they sleep in spic and span, but if you keep them in their carte for too long, they may not hold in their pee or poop for long.

Best Dog Crates for Escape Artists

Play Crate Games

Best dog crates for escape artists should not be seen by your dog as negative places. Make fun games with your dogs using the crate to ensure they will view it positively. Make your pup go in and out of the crate at their own free will. You can throw a ball at the crate to play fetch or hide treats on it for your dog to find.

No Collars on Your Dog

When your dog is in the crate, they should not have collars or tags attached to their necks or any part of their body. A dog can choke from these accessories if it gets caught in snags and wires inside the crate.

Set Your Dog Up for Success

You should allow your dog to be more independent while inside their best dog crates for escape artists once you’ve trained them to be comfortable there. Go out for a coffee break and then return and see what your dog has been up to since the time you left them. Know what your dog has been doing while you are gone by setting up a video. Is your dog anxious? Are they pacing? Is your dog calm? When they are behaving well, you can come back and give them a reward.

Be Patient

It will take about six months for your dog to be entirely comfortable with their crate. There may be struggles and instances where your dog will resist, but success will eventually come. There may be times that you will lose patience, but you have to be patient and consistent with training your dog. Eventually, your dog will earn the right to get the reward, and you will be more than happy to give it to them.

Crate training your dog with best dog crates for escape artists

Is your dog a male?

There may be instances where escaping the crate may just be too overwhelming or too strong for your dog. If your dog is a male, it may be the scent of a nearby female. A male dog will gather the strength to go through any obstacle, especially if the female in question is in heat. If you want to keep your male dog in his crate, neutering him will keep him from escaping. A neutered male will be much happier and healthier, as well.

Best Dog Crates for Escape Artists

Is your yard adequately fenced?

Your fence may be flimsy or not sturdy enough to contain your adventurous and rambunctious medium to large-sized dogs. There may be gaps in your fence and posts that can be used by your dog to escape. Really determined dogs can squeeze through tight spaces and do the impossible escape feats in best dog crates for escape artists. Dogs who are diggers may even dig a hole in the fence’s edges so they can slide their bodies to get out.

If this is the case, you may have to consider installing concrete fencing or placing a chain link fencing two feet below the ground. If you have a high fence and your dog still jumps over, try installing a low current wire along the fence. Your dog will receive a shock when they attempt to jump over, and this will discourage them from attempting to jump a second time. You can also consider building a covered kennel. You will have many options for securing your dog within the premises but never chain your dog.

Is your dog bored?

Dogs are animals with feelings and emotions similar to humans. They need companionship, mental stimulation, and exercise. These needs have to be fulfilled so your dog will have a quality life. If these needs are not met, they will degenerate to destructive behavior such as chronic barking, chewing, compulsive escaping, and even aggression. Your dogs have needs beyond food, water, and shelter.

They need physical and mental stimulation. Fortunately, it is easy to stimulate your dog. Gove them interesting toys to play with and rotate the toys on a daily basis so they won’t get bored. Spending time with your dog is beneficial to you as well because you will get physical exercise. Spend at least 15 to 20 minutes a day playing with your dog or accompanying them in obedience classes. These activities help your dog get stimulated physically as well as mentally. A dog that gets enough stimulation will be less likely to run off, escape, or cause trouble.

Problems with Crate Training with best dog crates for escape artists


If your dog is inside their crate, there may be instances wherein they will be whining. Letting out a whine may be a sign that they want to be let out of the crate, or they want to be let outside to eliminate. It is best to just ignore the whining, and your dog will stop soon if they don’t see whining as a behavior that will bring in a reward.

Do not yell or pound on their crate as it will only make matters worse.

If the whining doesn’t stop, try letting your dog outside to eliminate. Your dog will respond and become excited in this case and will do his deed once outside.

If your dog is whining for no apparent purpose, just ignore him and don’t give in; otherwise, you will undo any teaching you have done in the past, and they will see whining as a precursor to a reward: being let out of the crate.  

Be firm with your dog, and don’t allow him to get what he wants.

Separation Anxiety

In some cases, your dog may suffer from separation anxiety, and using a crate won’t remedy the problem. A crate may prevent your dog from being destructive, but if they want to escape from best dog crates for escape artists, they may hurt themselves.

Separation anxiety happens when dogs are separated from their loved ones, such as guardians or previous owners. Escape attempts are often made by dogs with separation anxiety, which will cause them to get injured.

There is a method to curing separation anxiety, and you must consult with animal-behavior specialists for help.

Buy heavy duty best dog crates for escape artists

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ProSelect Empire Dog Cage

Product Description:

This crate of formidable 20-gauge steel and reinforced 0.5″ diameter steel tubes can keep your dog well-secured. It has removable rollers so you can roll the carte to any part of the house; otherwise, you can remove them for increased stability of your dog crate.

The grated floors of the Pro Select have a tray to catch unmentionables, so the cage itself will be spic and span and clean for your dog, and easy cleaning.

This dog crate is one of the world’s strongest and most escape-proof kennels. The thick and high-quality steel material make it escape-proof and give this an overall stable construction. The ProSelect Empire Dog can withstand the challenge from any dog.

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Smonter Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Product Description:

The Smonter metal dog crate is heavy duty and tough and will keep your canine in check. The steel frame is made of galvanized square tubing and thick wall pipping with 2″ spacing between bars.

You don’t have to worry about rust since the material is corrosion-resistant, ensuring that it’s built to last.

The double door design allows you to access your crate via the top panel or at the front side of the crate. Doors include double locks, making it tougher for lock-picking pooches to escape.

Final Thoughts

Your dog is part of your household and must follow your rules. There should be moments of fun and moments where discipline must be imposed. Keep your dog comfortable within boundaries. Keeping your dog in the best dog crates for escape artists means they will be safe and secured.