Best Dog Harness for Beagles: Harness Your Dog Right

Beagles have high activity level needs. This is the type of dog that should be taken outside on a regular basis to help them meet their exercise requirements as well as to keep them from being bored. When dogs venture outside, they need to be secured and following their owners at all times, or they might wander off and get lost. Beagles have the potential to stray, especially if they happen to smell something irresistible. It is important to get the best dog harness for beagles to make sure you will be in control over them in any outdoor activity. A harness will help you guide them and keep them away from trouble. As a responsible pet owner, you should always keep your dog on a harness no matter how calm, tame, or friendly they are.

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Best Dog Harness for Beagles

Popular Types Of best dog harness for beagles

There are many types of best dog harness for beagles to choose from. Some factors to consider when choosing the right harness are your Beagle’s size, personality, and unique needs.

Escape-proof harnesses

A Beagle’s sense of scent rule over their heads, and if they catch a whiff of something interesting, expect them to run away from you. Beagles love to slip out of their best dog harness for beagles, so choose a harness that is escape-proof. A harness that wraps around the front and back of your dog’s legs and provides a secure hold is a good choice. It will keep your dog secure, and you worry-free.

Walking harnesses

Walking harnesses are lightweight and have a simple design. The padding is minimal since its main use is to make it easy for you to put on and take off the harness. This type of harness is good if you have a well-behaved dog that readily follows you. This is not good for strong-willed dogs that may pull excessively. The thin nylon straps may pull and chafe on their skin uncomfortably.

Hiking harnesses

Hiking harnesses have additional padding and are lightweight. They are reflective with storage pockets and rear handles that help you control your dog and guide them through rough terrain. Often the rear handles double as a seat belt attachment to keep your Beagle secure while you are driving off toward a hiking trail site.

No pull harnesses

Pulling harness is designed to minimize pulling behavior; there are generally two types. One has a rounded ring which is attached to the front of the harness. This mechanism guides your dog back to your side when they try to pull ahead. Another design gently tightens around the dog’s chest when they pull ahead and releases when they stop pulling. Both designs help dogs stop their habit of pulling during walks.

Reflective harnesses

Reflective harnesses are crucial when you are taking your Beagle out for a run in the early morning or in the late afternoon. The reflective material helps keep your Beagle visible to vehicles in low light conditions, which can help prevent accidents.

Materials for best dog harness for beagles

There are plenty of materials to choose from for best dog harness for beagles, and the following is an overview that discusses the advantages and possible weaknesses of each.


Nylon is a great material for an active dog that gets in unlikely places. It is water-resistant, easy to clean, and very strong, and durable. Nylon is the most common material on the market and is often combined with metal or plastic buckles.


Polyester is similar to nylon and has the same advantages of being water-resistant and strong. An added advantage to polyester however, is it provides a bit of stretch and is also very breathable. This best dog harness for beagles is good for dogs who have trouble dealing with warm temperatures.


Mesh is perfect for smaller breeds and is a common material in the market today. Polyester and nylon are the two primary materials that make the mesh materials, and it offers improved breathability and stretch. Because the mesh is stretchy, it is not a good option for dogs who tend to pull or are overly active and have behavioral problems.


Best Dog Harness for Beagles

Neoprene is often used as additional material in a harness, mainly as a pad for a dog harness. It is an artificial rubber that fits the contours of your dog’s body, allowing for a perfect fit.


Leather is extremely durable and strong. It is also resistant to chewing. However, the leather harness can be difficult to adjust properly. Leather also comes unpadded and is rather expensive. A high-quality leather can last you for decades, but most owners would want affordability and may opt for a nylon or polyester best dog harness for beagles instead.


Cotton is kind to skin and less abrasive and is thus good for dogs with sensitive skin. The natural cotton fiber will be gentler to your Beagle’s skin compared to other materials. If your dog’s comfort is your goal, choose this material.

Components Of best dog harness for beagles

Not all harnesses are designed equally, and it is good to examine each type of harness to see if it suits your needs and can provide the needed security for your dog.

Escape resistance

Beagles are small to mid-sized, making it easy for them to slide out of certain types of harnesses. They may even chew a harness if they are really hell-bent on escaping. Make sure the harness has a tight fit, escape-resistant to completely secure your Beagle.

Seat belt restraint support

Beagles are an active breed, and being in a confined car won’t stop them from moving about. An active dog in a small space can be a distraction and a risk; hence, you need a harness that can be attached to a seatbelt. Doing this will keep your Beagle safe and secure and prevent accidents.


Beagles have a short coat, but they are overactive dogs, which means that they are vulnerable to overheating. If they are wearing a heavy, non-ventilated harness, the heat can go up in no time. Best dog harness for beagles has to be lightweight enough and have a breathable, ventilated design.

Multiple adjustment points

Harnesses must have multiple adjustment points so they can be adjusted properly to your dog’s body. They must have buckles and straps easily fitted around your dog.

3 Top Best Dog Harness for Beagles

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Runners Up

[su_service title=”Blueberry” icon=”icon: star” icon_color=”#2D3092″ size=”32″ class=””][/su_service]


Product description:

The Blueberry design is suitable for long-term use in training and other dog activities. It comes in a simple model for convenient use with different sizes of dogs.

You don’t have to worry about your Beagles having activity outside at nights since this harness feature a reflective material all around. This ensures that your dog is visible and safe, even at low light conditions.

Beagle harnesses have to be high quality since this breed tends to be physically active and needs extra control and guidance, which a harness can help you. Beagles also tend to chew and bite aggressively on their harnesses, so the materials used in this harness is resistant to abuse and is of premium quality.

One of the most important factors of a good harness is fit, and this harness comes with accurate girth sizes to keep your Beagle secure. It is not too tight nor too loose.

[su_service title=”Rabbitgoo” icon=”icon: star” icon_color=”#2D3092″ size=”32″ class=””][/su_service]


Product description:

The Rabbitgoo is perfect for daily use by the Beagle breed. The design of the harness makes it easy for you to put it on or off at the fastest possible time. It also has adjustable slide straps for the best fit for your dog’s body. The adjustments help you customize the fit so your dog will be better secured during activities or when they pull.

This harness also has two sturdy metal leash attachment points for convenience. One is on the back and the other on the chest. This design allows easy use of the harness with leashes at the same time easing off the pulling pressure from the chest and back of the dog.

Safety of the dog is crucial when looking for the perfect harness, Rabbitgoo has reflective straps that keep your dog secured even in the dark and low light conditions. The custom-fit features ensure that your dog is secure all through. The harness is also padded and has breathable layers so your dog will be kept cool even in warm temperatures. Your Beagle will enjoy being in this harness for hours.  

Training Your Dog to Wear a Harness

You have got the perfect best dog harness for beagles, but how do you get them to wear it? Getting your dog used to wearing a harness can take a little time. However, once trained, your dog will stop resisting the harness and be comfortable wearing it over long periods.

Getting your dog used to be touched

Dogs often resist wearing a harness because they don’t like being touched or petted. Always make sure to touch and pet your dog regularly since it is a way for them to get used to wearing harnesses and collars.

Stroke your dog gently and reward it with treats every time you perform a petting session. This routine will get your dog used to physical contact.

If your dog gets jumpy or back away, you may be too rough or intrusive, and you need to be gentler and slow down in your training.

Introduce your dog to the harness

You should introduce the harness the dog to the harness before you put it on them. Try to get your dog to look at the harness, get curious about it, and even sniff it. Leave a treat on the harness and allow your dog to eat the treat on the harness. Your dog will begin to sniff and get curious with the harness on their own accord in which you should always reward them with a treat.

Make your dog get used to the sounds

Harnesses have Velcro and buckle attachments that may alarm your dog. Get your dog to be used to the sounds before putting the harness on them. Open and close the harness in front of your dog, rewarding them with a treat after each action. This act should calm down your dog and will help them regard the harness with less suspicion.  

Getting your dog to wear the harness

best dog harness for beagles

It is time to put on the harness, and you should start with this process slowly.

Firstly, feed your dog some treats through the harness and have your dog get their head through the harness as they eat out of your hand. Slowly ease the harness around your dog’s body without tightening or fixing the buckles. Always reassure your dog by feeding them treats.

Next is to carefully fit the buckles and secure the harness all the time, feeding your dog with treats. This will help them appreciate the use of the harness and see it as a rewarding activity.

Final Thoughts

You love your Beagle and want to have adventures with them outdoors, especially if there is a nice wide green park in your neighborhood. However, your Beagle also needs to stay safe and secure because they happen to be overactive and adventurous dogs. You need the best dog harness for beagles to make sure they will always be within your control and stay out of trouble. Harnesses make outings easy for you and your dog, and some of the best harnesses out there ensure comfort so your Beagle will enjoy wearing them for hours.