Why Do Beagles Howl All the Time?

Beagles are known as dogs that are used for hunting and tracking. This is because of their strong sense of smell. Even though your beagle is not used for these types of activities, they will most likely emit a deep, dark bark. So why do beagles bark so much? The truth is, beagles will not just bark without any reason. Also, a beagle has three kinds of bark depending on the purpose. While barking is normal especially when a stranger comes inside your house, it can be quite irritating especially if he is barking too much. It may negatively impact both you and your family’s life.

In this article you will get to understand the reasons why do beagles bark too much and what you can do to control it.

Why Do Beagles Howl All the Time?

Important things first

Whether you are planning to adopt a beagle or you have a beagle and you cannot control his barking, it is crucial to comprehend that not all beagles are silent and easy to train. Beagles under two years old are very active. It is the age where they are full of energy which is why it is also important to give them regular exercise. If it is your first time bringing home a beagle, expect that such hyper behavior will lessen once they learned to settle in.

Normally, there are reasonable causes for barking. While the causes may not seem crucial to you, sometimes barking is a beagle’s way of communicating with their owners. Beagles usually bark when they are bored, see someone or something as a threat, or need some exercise to lose their energy. Also, there are times when they are hungry that is why they are barking.

If the reason is valid, you do not need to scold or train him to lessen the barking. Understand that it is normal for dogs to bark and strict training is needed if the barking gets worse.

Reasons why do beagles bark so much

There are plenty of possible reasons why your dog is always barking. He may be wanting to convey the following things:

*He is bored and got nothing else to do

If you notice that your beagle is barking more often than usual, one possible cause is boredom. This usually happens when most of the family members are out and only the beagle gets to stay to guard the house. If you have other dogs aside from the beagle, you may disregard this reason. This is because they will help each other fight boredom and anxiety that may lead to frequent barking.

*He needs food

Hunger is one of the possible reasons why your beagle is barking. They are like humans to, they need food in order to stay healthy and keep them doing their routine. The only difference is that us humans can speak our minds when we are hungry. On the other hand, dogs’ only way of communicating with their owner is through barking. Give their meals on time because beagles have an awesome internal clock so they will know if it time to eat.

*Someone they do not know is approaching the house

Dog owners already know this and it is very common among dogs regardless of their breed. Their instinct is to protect themselves and their owners. Hence, when they see someone they do not know and he or she is approaching the house, they will always bark. On the bright side, this can be beneficial to owners because they will get informed that someone is outside. In some cases, if your beagle is always barking at your neighbors or friends who always go in your house, training might be needed.

*He wants to play with you

Breeds that are active are not satisfied with just sitting all day or lying on the floor. Some dogs need to engage in different activities. Beagles, regardless of age need interaction with their owners. They are active yet clingy dogs who need quality time with humans. If your dog is barking even though he already ate or there are only two of you in the house, then he most likely wants to play with you. The truth is beagles are bred to stay by their owner’s side. He wants to be with you regardless of where you are going.

*He wants to be at the outside world

It is important to take note that you must not scold him if he wants to go out. You should actually see this as a positive thing. Some dogs bark and scratch the door if they are eager to go outside. It is either there is family member outside the house or he is just bored inside the house.

*He sees another animal

Beagles bark when they see other dogs or animal and all dogs do this. Problems arise when your beagle barks at every living creature that he encounters. For instance, every time he sees a cat or a bird he will bark.

If this is the case, it is best to move the position of your beagle to a place where there is not view or window. It would be better to train your dog, however if you do not have time, you can just resort to this option.

Aside from that, if your beagle always bark at other animals when you are outside, you walk with your dog outside more often. It may meant that your dog need more socialization.

Why Do Beagles Howl All the Time?

Excessive barking

In some cases, your beagle may display unwanted barking and is not valid. This behavior may not only irritate you and your family but also your neighbors. Repeatedly barking until they get your attention is irritating.

I am not saying that you should not interact with you dog. Actually you must bond with him frequently to establish a stronger relationship. On the other hand, they can use this as a tool to manipulate you and what he wants. For instance, foods, treats, toys, and a pat.

Be mindful of this because if you comply to you want your dog wants every time he does unwanted barking, you will be reinforcing such behavior. And when you realized what you have done, it is already too late. Although strict training can still be done if you want to stop his habit of barking too much to get what he wants.

Training to Stop a Specific Bark

It takes time and dedication to strictly train your beagle to stop unwanted barking. Normally, the cause of this is triggered disturbance.

*Disturbance barking

A beagle’s sense of smell is strong and sensitive at the same time. What triggers disturbance barking is usually a sound as loud as a siren. Since hearing is heightened, they will rapidly feel extreme aggravation when there is an instant high pitched noise.

For instance, imagine someone blew a whistle without a warning, once a beagle hears this, he will instantly bark. Other breeds not only beagle will think that it is a threat to them.

If you leave in a place where you rarely hear a sire, like once month, then you can use these techniques:

1.If your beagle is outside when he hears this noise place him inside your house. Do not scold as it will just worsen the situation. Show to your dog that everything is fine and that no one will harm you. Instead of scolding, talk to him in a calm voice and gently pat his back or rub his belly. But before you do this, make sure he is not showing aggressive behavior. Some beagles find it hard to control their behavior when faced with such circumstance.

2. On the other hand, if you live in a place where you always hear sirens and other similar sounds and you think it is possible to always bring him inside the house every time he barks, then you need to train him. If you do not want the frequent barking to impact your lives, gradually expose him to sounds. Do this until he learns that it is not a threat.

*Territorial barking

This one is the most common cause of barking for several minutes. It is every dog’s instinct to protect their self and their owners. If you found out the what causes a disturbing barking is because they are being overprotective, do not get angry. It may temporarily stop your dog from barking but it does not mean they will not do it again.

If you want to succeed in stopping this territorial barking, establish that you are the alpha or the real boss. If your beagle knows your role, he will stop once you tell him to stop. Aside from this, since they believe you are the alpha, they will not need to worry too much because you said that everything’s fine. In addition to that, you can just simply close the curtain so he will not see every visitor who is coming. If you have a backyard, you can just place him there for a lesser chance of seeing people.

Why Do Beagles Howl All the Time?

Barking Correctors

Plenty of beagle owners know that frequent barking for several minutes is disturbing. Although barking is normal among dogs, beagle owners must brace themselves for possible disturbance barking. Also, they must be prepared for strict training if needed.

Normally, it is frustrating when there is nothing you can do to stop the barking. In some dogs, loud clapping and comforting their dogs work. Sometimes, even scolding works. However, a beagle may interpret this as an interest from your to join him in producing a loud noise. Your dog by barking, and you by scolding.

If you try to resort on the internet and look for something that will help you calm your dog, you will find spray that will interrupt your dog. Using this product as a way to calm your dog is debatable. Some owners use spray because it is effective in calming their beagle. Spray works by producing a burst of compressed gas to stop the barking. There are also some dog owners who believe using spray is not safe because it is full of chemicals.

Final Words

It is normal for beagles to bark. But why do beagles bark so much? And how often is normal? Since beagles are breed as hunters and trackers, they this deep loud bark. You will know it is not normal anywhere when your neighbors are complaining. To solve this, it is important for you to understand why beagles have a tendency to bark longer than other dogs. From there, try some ways that you think will help you lessen the barking habit of your beagle.