4 Best Chew Toys For Your Dog (2020 Reviews)

Every dog is going to chew and dog owners must accept. it. It is their nature to chew to satisfy their needs and keep themselves from getting bored. Also, chewing is important regardless of your dog’s age and breed. More often than not, dogs like to chew when they are teething or they just want to do explore. Whatever the reason is, you should look for the best toys for dogs that like to chew.

Although it seems like looking for chew toys is very simple, there are actually factors to consider. When looking for the best chew toy to buy, you must consider what type of chewer your dog is. This is very important. In this article, you will know the different types of dogs’ personalities when it comes to chewing. Also, we conducted a review of the 4 best toys for dogs that like to chew.

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Different Types of Dog Chewer

Before you start shopping for the best dog chew toy for your dog, it is crucial to know the personality of your dog when it comes to chewing. Which among these personalities do you think your dog have?

1.Inhaler – dogs classified under this type are also called gulpers. This is because they bite off large chunks of edible dog toys and eat them really fast.

2. Destroyer– the next type is destroyer. From the term itself, they find satisfaction in destroying every thing that they see. They will not necessarily swallow it but you must be careful because there are dogs who can be both an inhaler and a destroyer. These dogs are believed to be the most difficult to handle.

3. Nibbler- You will know your dog is a nibbler if he is a fighter. Unlike inhalers, nibblers will take their time chewing the toy before swallowing. According to most dog owners, nibblers are the least difficult to handle because they are just more in to chewing.

Who Should Buy a Dog Chew?

If you are a dog owner, then you should essentially buy a dog chew toy. Allowing them to chew dog toys gives mental stimulation that is good for their general physical and mental health.

Also, with dog chew toys you do not need to play with your dog anytime with it. Your dog is smart enough to play the toy. In addition to that, there are toys that are interactive. If you are the type of owner who is not always around, give your dog interactive toys to occupy his mind when you are not available.

Giving the best toys for dogs that like to chew is a great way to teach your dog not to bite your belongings. It also helps them not to feel abandoned whenever you leave them at your house. This may cause anxiety and aggressive behavior.

Even if you think that your dog is not fond of chewing, you will be amazed how much he enjoys the new toy especially if it a plush toy or something that can be stuffed with this favorite treats or sandwich spread. Also, to promote good oral hygiene, you should give at least dog chew foods if he is not fond of chewing.

Important Features When Looking for Best Toys for Dogs That Like to Chew

A dog chew toy has plenty of important features. If you are a dog owner and it is your firs time to look for chew toys or you previously bought one but your canine did not like it, consider the following factors:


Of course if your canine is small, look for chew toys that are small or medium-sized. It is understandable that you want the best for your canine but he may not enjoy it if the toy is too big or too heavy. For small dogs, a durable plush toy made from 100% cotton is the best option. For large dogs, there are lots of brands that offer chew toys in different sizes chew toys. Although they come in high prices, they will never disappoint.


When looking for the best chew toy for your dog, make sure it is durable enough especially if it is for large-sized dogs who are aggressive chewers. Remember that some toys are made standard quality materials while some are made with high quality materials. The most commonly used materials are plush, rubber, dense nylon, and real wood composites. Also you should observe your dog’s reaction to see if he is having fun. This is because some dogs prefer a certain type of material. There are plenty of choices to choose, so always think before you purchase.

*Other features

Just like what I have mentioned in the earlier part of the article, there are chew toys that come with special features. If you know the personality of your dog when it comes to chewing, then you should be able to determine which chew toy to buy. For instance, if your dog is not totally fond of chewing but finds it enjoyable to play with toys, you must look for plush toy. They are interactive that your dog will do everything just to play with it.


OUR TOP PICK: Nylabone Durable Dog Chew Toy

Product Name: Nylabone Durable Dog Chew Toy

Product Description: After careful examination, we have found out that this dog chew toy is our top choice because of its durability, quality and ability to promote good dental hygiene. This chew toy can stand even the most aggressive dog chewer. The power chew is effective in satisfying the natural desire to chew. Safe even large dogs that weigh more than 50 pounds. Aside from that, what is great about this chew toy is comes with a unique yummy bacon flavor! With this flavor, your dog will want more of this toy. It is made in the USA and the soft bristles help clean teeth and control plaque.

Availability: InStock

  • Durability
  • Other features
  • Safety
  • Value for money


Reward your dog with this dog chew toy from Nylabone. Safe to use by medium to large-sized breeds. Made with high-quality materials and bristles that promote good dental hygiene. 

Help your canine fight boredom and anxiety whenever you are not around. This product comes in different sizes and types depending on your dogs’ chewing styles and strengths. Nylabone provides chew style meter to help match your dog’s chewing style to the right Nylabone chew toy. 



Suitable for large breeds 

Contains delicious bacon flavor 

Alleviate puppy teething pain



KONG Classic Dog Chew Toy

4 Best Chew Toys For Your Dog (2020 Reviews)

Product description: Next on the list, the very popular KONG Classic Dog Chew Toy. Almost all dog owners are familiar with this chew toy. It is durable and perfect for average chewer. In addition to that, large breeds weighing 30-65 lbs can use this for the long term.

Kong classic dog chew toy helps solve the chewing problem of your dog. Moreover, it helps solve your dog’s weight management, crate training, digging and barking, separation anxiety, boredom, and teething.

This product is the best toy your dog will ever have. It not only helps your canine fights boredom, but it also provides mental stimulation. This type of healthy play is important in improving your dog’s mental and physical well-being.

If you want to reward your dog or you think that he is getting bored with this toy. you can put some peanut butter, cheese, of some treats. This toy is also easy to clean. Just a tip, freeze this for at least 4 hours before giving it to your dog and see how happy he will be.

Veterinarians highly recommend the Kong dog chew toy. It is clinically safe and made in the USA.


The dimensions of this product are 4 x 2.8 x 2.8 inches and it weighs 7.2 ounces. To make your dog happier with this product, you might want to stuff your kong It only comprises of 4 steps: mix, fill, seal, and give.


There are many reasons why the Kong Classic has been one of the widely used dog chew toy. This chew toy’s natural rubber composition is ultra durable with changeable bounce that is perfect for dogs that are addicted to chewing. It also satisfied your dog’s needs and keep them from boredom that may cause destructive behavior.

  • Highly durable
  • Can be stuffed with foods
  • With erratic bounce
  • Dishwasher safe
  • May not be safe for aggressive chewers


BarkBox Dog Chew Toy 

4 Best Chew Toys For Your Dog (2020 Reviews)

Product description: for dog owners who have dogs that have below-average chewing habits, the dog chew toy from Barbox is a great choice. This super cute plush cactus and filled with fluffy stuffing and interactive features that are suitable for shredding, squeaking, and trashing.

Does your dog love seeing your stuff getting destroyed? If yes, then you should definitely buy this. It is meant to be destroyed with a lighter squeaker inside to amaze your doggo and end up wanting more playtime with this toy.

Aside from that, the safety of your dog is guaranteed. This dog chew toy is made from high-quality materials. Also, it is important to exercise your dog and keep him healthy with this toy by playing fetch, tug of war, and hide and seek.

On top of that, if you and your dog are not satisfied with the product, the company offers a money-back guarantee.


This non-toxic stuffed toy is made safe by high-quality manufactures. Moreover, it will not disappoint because it serves as a 2-in-1 toy. That being said, this is perfect for dogs who love surprises since this one comes with a mini plush inside it.


Dog owners only want one thing for their dogs. And it is to satisfy their needs and make them happy. With this fluffy toy, you dog will not get satisfied, he will end up wanting more of it. This is because of the surprises that come with the product.

  • Two toys in one
  • Long-lasting
  • Interactive
  • Only suitable for small dogs


Lechong Dog Rope Toy

4 Best Chew Toys For Your Dog (2020 Reviews)

Product description: Your dog will surely love the variety of colors this rope has. Also, it has a PVC pipe joint in the middle. It is durable, so even aggressive dog chewers will not easily break it.

Lechong claims its product as bigger, stronger, and thicker than its competitors and it is made of 100% cotton. It is also suitable for medium to large-sized dogs. Exercise your dog to keep him fit and healthy by playing tug of war game of fetch.

Aside from that, you need not to worry about the possibility of your dog showing aggressive behavior. This chew toy helps clean your canine’s teeth to avoid tar tar build up. Moreover, it prevents anxiety and limits bad biting behavior.

This toy seems like a regular toy. However, it is also important to supervise your dog when playing with this toy. This is because there are some dogs that may get overly excited about a new toy.


The dimensions of this product are 1.18 inches in diameter and the length is 12 inches. Its shape is similar to number 8. Moreover, it is odorless and non-toxic.


This rope toy that is made from pure cotton is odor less and non-toxic. Let your dog use it worries. Also, playing with your dog using this toy is a great way to bond and exercise with him. Perfect for medium to large-size dog, this toy is equipped with a PVC pipe joint in the middle.

  • Durable
  • Odorless and non-toxic
  • Suitable for medium to large-sized dogs
  • Not that interactive

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does my dog need chew toy?

A: If you notice that your dog has a habit of chewing almost anything he sees, do not worry because it is normal. It is natural for them to have the desire to chew. Also, you should not stop them because it may just stress out your dog and get bored. Chewing not only satisfy your dogs’ desire to chew, but some chew toy helps clean plaque and prevent tar build-up.

Q: How do i make my dog stop chewing everything?

A: Making your dog stop chewing everything can be hard especially if your dog is an aggressive chewer. Once your dog started chewing everything, it takes some time to break the habit. Also, if you do not want your dog to chew your important belongings, make sure to put in a place where he cannot reach it. Give the best toys for dogs that like to chew if you want him to stop ruining your belongings.

Q: What type of chew toy should I give my dog?

A: It actually depends on whether your dog is a moderate chewer or an aggressive. If it is the latter one, you should look for dog chew toys that are made of superior quality material for long term use. If you have a small dog that does not bite too much, a plush toy is the best option.

Final Words

Desire to chew is normal among dogs. It is recommended not to stop them from chewing but instead give the best toys for dogs that like to chew. Dog chew toys do not only satisfy your dog’s chewing habits but some chew toys to keep your dog’s teeth healthy. For the best chew toy that will endure wear and tear, we highly recommend Nylabone Flavored Dog Chew Toy. Aside from this product, chew toys from Kong, BarkBox, and Lechong are all great value for money. As dog owners, you should make sure that you satisfy your dogs’ need for their wellbeing.