American VS. English Beagle: Is There Such Thing?

Plenty of individuals like to get enough information about the american beagle vs. english beagle. The question is are american and english beagle different at all? Or is there really such thing? The purpose of this article is to clear any misunderstanding such matter. The truth is, there is only one type of Beagle and it is just called Beagle without the name of the country.

While this is the case, the United State and England have different have different set of standards. That being said, the confirmation standards of a breed from England and that of USA will make a slight difference on the appearance of the Beagle. Also, the beagle that is breed in the USA must conform to the standards set by the American Kennel Club. That being said, even though both are somehow member of the same breed, there is a slightly difference with the English Beagle Dog.

For you to get a better understanding check out the official guidelines on american beagle vs. english beagle. You will notice that there is difference in the wording but it is just the same.

American VS. English Beagle: Is There Such Thing?

American Beagle VS. English Beagle

Conformation Differences

*Overall Appearance

As for the overall appearance of an English Beagle, it is a medium-sized dog with a compact build. Also it conveys that of a quality with no coarseness. On the other hand, an American Beagle is a miniature Foxhound which is huge for his inches.


There is not much different when it comes to the attitude. You will get to understand more of this trait later on.

Beagles are breed as a dog who has a great hunting and tracking skills. Considering this, the attitude of an English Beagle is alert and with little to no aggression at all. While the American Beagle has somehow the same temperament. They are active, cheerful, and have a strong sense of smell.


English Beagle and American Beagle have the same short coat. For the former one, his coat is dense, short, easy to maintain. Also, it is weatherproof. On the other hand, an American Beagle has a hard coat in a medium length. Both coats of English and American are soft.


This is the factor that stands out the most. This because English Beagle has only 1 size, while an American Eagle has two sizes. The ideal minimum height of English Beagle is 13 inches and the maximum height is 16 inches.

American Eagle have two sizes. An American Beagle with 13 inches height does not exceed over 13 inches. The second type is those American beagles with height of 16 inches. Included in this type are Beagles with minimum of 14 inches in height and maximum of 16 inches.

If you need information about american beagle vs. english beagle, you just refer to the above information. There really are no obvious differences between the two which is why people just call them Beagle with no name of the country before the word Beagle.

Common Traits and Characteristics of Beagle

Now that we are able to address american beagle vs. english beagle and their little to no difference depending on the element, it is important to further understand the common traits of a Beagle. These traits are most likely present in every Beagle regardless of its type.

Also, if you are planning to adopt a Beagle, then you might want to consider the following:

*Changing temperaments

Experts say that a beagle’s temperament is genetics. Before adopting a Beagle puppy, it would be better to know the temperament of both his parents. Although Beagles are reliable and loyal dogs, professional dog instructors often encounter fearful and aggressive Beagles. If you want an adult Beagle, test his temperament. You can change a behavior of an adult Beagle but it requires strict training. That being said, it is still best to adopt a puppy because they are smartest at that age and easy to train.

If you are an avid dog lover who is willing to embrace every flaw of your dog, just remember the possible consequences of adopting a Beagle with bad temperament and failing to train him.

*Need regular exercise

American Beagle VS. English, do they both need regular exercise? Definitely yes. Beagles, regardless of type, age, gender need proper exercise for their general health. Although all dogs need exercise, Beagles are not like other dogs. They are active and might display aggressive behavior if they do not release that energy. If you do not give enough exercise to your Beagle, he might be too noisy, destructive, and worse, it might cause heart problems because of the too much tension or stress on their joints.

It is understandable if you are busy and do not have time to exercise with your dog. But there are actually plenty of ways to keep your Beagle active. For instance, you can buy a beagle chew toy since it is their natural instinct to chew. Also, there are plush chew toys that are interactive. Your Beagle will surely have fun playing with it. With that, you need not exercise him because he can already exercise on his own.

*Need fence security

If you prefer to place you Beagle in the yard then that is fine. Just make sure to provide fence security because Beagles are great in escaping. Also, they are smart enough to think of ways to get out because it is what excites them, adventure. For larger Beagles secure higher fences. In addition to that, Beagles love digging so place a sink wire into the ground. It is also best to invest in higher quality gates as Beagles can sometime open unsecured latches.


Do not leave your Beagle unsupervised in the backyard. This is because their consistent barking will disturb the neighborhood. If you think you know you Beagle enough to say that he will not display disturbing bark, you are wrong. Dogs, regardless of the breed show irritating bark especially if triggered by a loud noise or someone they don’t know.

The most common cause of several minutes of barking is a stranger approaching the house. You probably already know the reason for this. It is because it is every dog’s instinct to protect themself and family members. Normally, even if you Beagle is inside your house, once he hears an unfamiliar voice outside the house, he will bark because the thinks that the person is a threat.

If you will let your beagle stay in the backyard without supervision, he will most likely bark at every neighbor he will see. You do not want your neighbors calling the cops because of a noisy dog in the neighborhood right?

One possible reason for this is that your Beagle need to socialize with other dogs and people. That being said, you should at least take a walk with your Beagle two to three times a week. In this way, he will get used to seeing other living creatures.

American VS. English Beagle: Is There Such Thing?


They say that Beagles are smart which make them easy to train. Others do not agree with this because there are Beagles who are stubborn and lazy to undergo training despite the reward. Although this is not the case in every Beagle, do not surprised on the off chance you encounter a Beagle with this attitude.

In general, Beagles are loving and caring dog. But when it comes to training, there are those who do not care about pleasing their owners.

Human foods or treats, not dog foods is one of the effective ways to motivate your dog. Most Beagles love cookies, but too much of it will make your Beagle fat. Hence, schedule 3-4 times a week of training. Also, give a variety of foods because they love surprises. After all, no one wants to eat the same food over and over again. In addition to that, you do not want your beagle to obey you only when there are treats. Instead, even before you start the training, you should establish that you are the alpha. That way, he knows who the real boss is.

*Possible Health Problems

The majority of beagles live a long and healthy life. Nevertheless, they are prone to health problems especially if they are not given enough exercise and food. The possible health complications are eye disease, joint problems, diabetes, and heart problems, to name a few.

Beagle’s health is very important so they must really take good care of him. Treat your beagle as a precious member of the family. Use high-quality dog shampoo, healthy dog food, regular exercise, and of course quality time with your canine.

Final Words

Until now, plenty of dog owners are still confused on American Beagle VS. English Beagle. The truth is, both types are almost the same. They just have slight difference when it comes to the size and the wording on the conformation standards. With this, a lot of people just call it Beagle, without the name of the country. Regardless of this, it is important to know the common traits and personalities of a Beagle especially before adopting one. Owners should treat the Beagle as a member of the family who needs attention and proper care.