Best Solution to Clean Dog Ears in a Natural Way?

Bathing and cleaning are part of the dog’s grooming. Also included in this is the regular cleaning of the dog ears. Dirty ears left unclean may result in unhealthy situations or critical medical conditions such as ear infection. Good thing that there is the available best solution to clean dog ears.

This solution may be in a natural way or in a form of herbal remedies. Approaches like these in cleaning the dog ears are beneficial in soothing your pooch. Here we will give you some helpful tips on how to clean your dog ears in a natural way. Moreover, we will also provide some suggestions and herbal remedies for treating dog ear infection using the best solution to clean dog ears.

So, let’s start and take a look around!

Why it is important to use the best solution to clean dog ears?

The primary things that are essential in a dog’s health are regular bathing and nail trimming. This is a monthly regimen for all the doggies. However, cleaning the dog’s ears is also important and must not be ignored.

Moreover, the dog’s grooming includes cleaning their ears with the best solution to clean dog ears to maintain their overall wellness. Perhaps, letting the ears of your pooch unclean may lead to many unnecessary conditions. Canine ear infections might most likely develop when your dog’s ears are not clean.

The causes of dog’s ear infections may include yeast and bacteria. Other factors like ear mites, allergies, and hypothyroidism might also lead to ear infections in dogs. In addition, excessive hair growth over the dog’s ears may also be a contributing factor to their ear infection.

The anatomy of a dog’s ears is that the ear canal is in a vertical position. Because of this, moisture and debris easily accumulate in their ears. That’s why cleaning their ears with the best solution to clean dog ears is really essential.

Bathing your dog and exposing their ears for being wet may need for immediate cleaning and dryness. Better to use a towel and the best solution to clean dog ears to dry them off. Doing this may take only a minute and it will generally avoid the potential health problems of your pooch.

How do dog’s ears get dirty and infected?

Aside from the major causes mentioned above, the following are the reasons for making the dog’s ears dirty and infected:


Eating processed food is a predisposing factor for canines to get infected ears. Let’s take kibble as an example. This dog food is richly high in carbohydrates, preservatives, and ingredients that are mostly processed.

Furthermore, the natural yeast present in the dog’s body gets its food on dry diets. This kind of diet may lead to the growth of yeast thus causing inflammation.

Keep in mind that a fresh and raw dog food diet is always important to their health. Also, check for the best dog food for dogs with allergies.


A lifestyle that is more on a natural approach is usually healthier. This also applies true for canines. Doggies having this kind of living are not prone to develop infections of the ears.

Here are some modifications to lower down canine stressors:

  • Whole and raw diet feeding
  • Avoid over-vaccination
  • Prevent pesticides exposure

Extreme cleaning of the ears

Overcleaning of the dog’s ears, even if you use the best solution to clean dog ears, may lead to inflammation and irritation. Don’t always clean your dog’s ears. Remember that if his ears are healthy, it doesn’t need much cleaning.

Having a little wax in your dog’s ears is okay and it’s normal. In case of wax in the canine’s ears is present, just leave them there.

Moreover, if cleaning ears using the best solution to clean dog ears is not necessary, just simply wipe them. Use cotton with a small amount of witch hazel in wiping their ears.  

Types of Dog Ear Infections

Below are the most common ear infections that occur on canine’s ears.

Bacterial or Yeast Infections

Naturally, bacteria and yeast are present in a healthy ear environment. However, they are most likely to have an overbalance. Having lots of moisture in the ears can elevate both conditions.

Overproduction of yeast in the dog’s ears are itchy but not generally painful. A dark brown discharge with a smelly ear represents a dog’s ears infection.

Meanwhile, bacterial infections may also be noticed at the same time. It may be demonstrated by a bad smelling ears with either yellow or green discharge.

Ear Mites Infections

Otodectes cynotis or ear mites are an ear infection caused by a parasite. To identify if the dog is suffering from ear mites infections, check for the following symptoms. Often head shaking and ear scratching are the most common symptoms.

Foreign Bodies Infections

There may be instances that foreign bodies can cause ear discomfort. Animals like dogs can easily get bugs, seeds, dirt, or water from the pool and get into their ears.   

The usual signs of this kind of ear infection for dogs are head shaking. This is one way for them to get the debris out of their ears.

Unsuccessful in taking out the debris inside the ears may lead to irritation. Subsequently, it will develop into bacteria or yeast overproduction.

Aural Hematoma Infection

Head shaking or scratching it hardly is the most common cause of aural hematoma. This is usually a bruise that creates blood group among the skin and ear flaps.

Generally, vets often call for surgery in case this infection occurs. However, there are some treatments or best solution to clean dog ears that are available.  

Tips in Preventing Dog Ear Infections Naturally through the Best Solution to Clean Dog Ears

The good health of your dog’s ears can be maintained by using the best solution to clean dog ears. Gentle herbal remedy for the ears is a big help in cleaning the dog’s ears naturally for once a month basis.

However, seasonal treatment of the best solution to clean dog ears using herbal remedy is good for seasonal allergies. Meanwhile, this kind of the best solution to clean dog ears may prevent further issues for canines with ear infections.


Chamomile is well-known for its relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties. Also included in its qualities are its analgesic, antiseptic, and sedative effects. Matricaria recutita or chamomile is ideal for canine’s sore ears due to scratching because of its soothing property.

Chamomile’s Dose for Canines:

For dog’s ear infection, included in the best solution to clean dog ears is to use a Chamomile tea. Once the tea is cool, add some drops of it to the ears of your pooch.


One excellent property of garlic is its antibiotic action. In fighting mild dog ear infection, it is advisable to feed your pooch with garlic.

Witch Hazel

Hamamelis virginiana or commonly known as witch hazel has a great astringent property. It primarily aids in lowering the inflammation in the ear canal. Because of this, it easily eases the pain from the dog ear infection.

Being included in the best solution to clean dog ears, witch hazel is widely available in many health food stores. Drops of it can dry the ears of pooch; however, it is not recommendable for use in cuts or sores.

Suggestions for Natural Treatment of Dog Ear Infection Using the Best Solution to Clean Dog Ears

Ear infections may let canines to feel uncomfortable. That’s why the natural and best solution to clean dog ears is the best way to start with. These natural treatment solutions may help your paw friend to relieve the pain and feel soothe.

Green Tea

1.    In boiling water of about 8 ounces, place two bags of green tea.

2.    Let it cool and steep.

3.    Put a few drops of the green tea solution to the ear canal of your dog.


1.    Put an unsweetened yoghurt in the ear canal of the dog through a sponge. Yoghurt is very beneficial in the production of good bacteria into its ears.

Oil of Oregano

Oregano is one of the excellent natural antibiotics. Because of this, it is included in the best solution to clean dog ears. The soothing mixture of oil of oregano will support in relieving the pain and the itch in the ear area.

1.    Place one drop of oil of oregano into ½ ounces of warm aloe vera juice.

2.    Drop a small amount of the mixture into the canine’s ears or add some drops into their food.

Calendula Tincture

1.    Put about 5 to 10 drops of the tincture to at least ½ to 1 cup of lukewarm water.

2.    Place some drops of the mixture into the dog’s ears.

Grapefruit Seed Extract

An excellent antioxidant, GSE or Grapefruit Seed Extract has an antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral effect.

For topical use:

1.    Add 10 drops of Grapefruit Seed Extract to ½ ounce of aloe vera juice.

2.    Clean the dog’s ears using the mixture.

For internal use:

1.    Mix about 3 to 5 drops of Grapefruit Seed Extract into the food of your pooch.

Friendly Reminder: These suggestions for the best solution to clean dog ears are soothing tinctures which help to alleviate the pain. These do not necessarily cure ear infections right away.

Herbal Recommendations for Mild Dog Ear Infections

The following herbal recommendations may be applicable for use in mild ear infections of canines. Randy Kidd, DVM, PhD, a herbalist and a holistic vet, suggested these herbal solutions as the best solution to clean dog ears with infection.

Vinegar-Water Mixture

1.    Using 1:1 ratio, combine vinegar and spring water. Apple cider vinegar is the best option to use for this mixture.

2.    Apply this solution to the dog’s ear once a day for a few weeks. After that, it should be applied once a day, once a week or for several months.

3.    Hold the dog’s ears and put the mixture into the ear canal.

4.    Massage the lower ear area gently.

Mullein Drops

Another recommendation from Dr Kidd is the Mullein Drops. According to him, this perfectly works over ear infections. Mullein drops are available on health food stores. But, you can also make your own.

1.    Into a glass jar, place mullein leaves and flowers.

2.    Add olive oil into the glass jar and cover it.

3.    Add a clove of garlic. This is optional. If you want to have a more antibiotic effect, you can add this ingredient.

4.    Set aside the mixture for about 2 to 3 weeks.

5.    Strain the mixture after 3 weeks.

6.    Put some drops of it to the dog’s ear canal every day.

Step-by-step Procedure in Cleaning Your Dog Ears at Home Using the Best Solution to Clean Dog Ears

Materials Needed:

  • Cotton balls
  • Ear cleaner

Friendly Reminder: Make sure that the veterinarian approved the ear cleaner that you will buy. Ear cleaner for the dog is available at vet clinics, pet supply stores, or over online stores. Ensure that all products in cleaning the dog ears including the best solution to clean dog ears are safe for the pet.

It is advisable to clean the dog ears during bath time. This is very helpful especially when the ears of your pooch are really dirty.

In case, you will clean your dog ears without having a bath, put a towel in his neck and chest. Secure the towel in place over his neck using a hair clip.

1.    Squeeze the ear cleaner into the dog ears. Introduce it down gently into the ear canal.

2.    Massage the lower portion of the dog ears gently. This will guide the ear cleaner in breaking down waxes and debris. Allow your pooch if he shakes his head.

3.    Wipe the outer area of the ear flap softly using a cotton ball. Do this in the inside ear portion of your dog ears as well. Wipe and wipe and do this all over again. Keep on doing this step until the cotton ball comes out clean.

4.     In case the dog has an ear infection, apply the medication after cleaning and wiping out the canine’s ear.

Friendly Reminder: Ear cleaners for pets have drying agents. This simply means that a few amounts of cleaner inside the ear will automatically dry out.