How to Stop a Beagle Dog From Digging Up The Yard

Beagles are one of the most popular dog breeds of all races. They have historically been used for hunting hares and other games because of the sophisticated sense of smell. Nowadays, they make beautiful pets because of their calm, polite disposition, and handy scale. But they have problems too, and in this article, we will talk about how to stop a beagle dog from digging up the yard.

beagle dog

Like all purebreds, Beagles have their recognized ‘disruptive areas,’ which you have to look after. If you have accomplished your homework with dog training techniques and are ready to be consistent and firm, training will progress quickly.

Beagles are also headstrong dogs. Like most hounds, they are autonomous and are not accurately driven. Also, they are smart dogs who do not have difficulty getting training if they feel like it. The use of food rewards is a good idea during training. They are very affectionate dogs – the Beagle always needs a company with a powerful ‘pack’ history, whether canine or human; this is why many Beagle owners have two dogs.

Why Beagles Dig

Beagles can sometimes infuriate their owners with a common digging tendency. Not all Beagles dig, but they seem to like it as a breed.


Since Beagles can’t switch the TV or go on smartphones via social media or play random video games, they have to find a way to have fun.

They are social creatures, much like us humans, who rely on connections with others. If this is normal, you might have a problem with separation anxiety, which should be dealt with as soon as possible.

Escape and Hunting

It is triggered by a desire to eliminate it from its usable area.

Your Beagle’s instinct of hunting or chasing was likely triggered inside its limits by some animal burrowing underground or another animal that has caught its attention outside its borders by sight or smell. Be mindful of something that has such a strong emphasis. Like you don’t know what your Beagle’s intentions are, you don’t see how your Beagle will work in kind.

Yeah, it would be good to think that all is copacetic and peaceful. But we saw enough National Geographic realize that an entirely different method of thought maybe at hand. Try calling animal control if you believe this is a danger to the immediate community.


As you could expect, the proverbial “rebel without a cause” will probably be a puppy. As sweet as it might be, you’d like to curb this behavior before they break a hole.

Hyperactive Energy

Beagles are smart creatures. In the past, they were born to perform different tasks. If physical and mental exercises aren’t consistently challenged, they will probably show ADHD signs that meet beagle behavior and actions.

As a beagle, you are predisposed to follow your nose or line of sight if something catches your attention, as are others, like terriers and other hunting canines.


You’ll probably notice that when it’s time for the night to wind down. They have their favorite pillow, and they unexpectedly grab.

Bed scratching consists of drawing, scratching, and rolling around the bed to rest. Many beagles do circles before settling down again. I know that before you saw this exhibited.

Some beagles go through blankets and build a tunnel or cave in which they can hide. Any area on which he decides to sleep is fair, so expect that he still can scratch and paw on the floor even when the bedding is not there.


Beagles can be very safe from food, treatments, toys, etc.

In light of this, several beagles dig holes to cover them. It’s cheaper than the storage facilities of $99 + a month that many of us use to store our things. They ‘re more resourceful, at least.

Uncomfortable Range of Temperature

Extreme temperatures are not well suited to the health of a beagle, and if not monitored, may potentially expose them to potentially dangerous health effects.

In general, a beagle can dig for refuge in a more temperate setting.

How to Stop a Dog From Digging Up The Yard: The Basics

dog digging

It is essential to recognize that digging is a mechanical, very natural behavior in dogs. Dogs dig in the soil or other substrates, like mulch or sand, to hide items they want to save later on, like a favorite chew or toy, or find things lost in the past. 

They also dig for beasts like rodents or other delicious treatments like insects. Some dogs may also dig because they try to escape or are anxious.

While some of this activity is appropriate, which may be even useful in the wild, most owners tend to object to their dogs digging up yards or gardens or making holes for people to hit and harm themselves.

If you deal with this, here are some tips to stop your Beagle digging.

Proper Management

Do not leave your Beagle alone in the yard while working to resolve the digging problem that won’t happen overnight. He will not have an opportunity to practice the behavior. The more he practices it, the more he digs because it’s worthwhile for him. It is the easiest way to resolve the issue.

More Workout

Digging requires a great deal of energy. Many dogs do it as a way to practice themselves. If you give your Beagle a more suitable exercise, he won’t have the power to dig up.


Another reason your Beagle may have tried to dig to China is boredom. Providing your dog with self-playing toys is a great way to keep him busy. Treating pets, catch, tug, etc. are also good options.

Pat Them

A reward is an excellent way to avoid Beagle digging. Beagles are very loyal dogs who just want their owners to please. If they see that they are happy with their behavior, they would like to show more to receive your love and attention.

Collar and Lead

You can use a lead and collar to stop a Beagle from digging by slowly leading your Beagle away from the place where it excessively digs. Leash and collar should never be used negatively because they will hurt your Beagle, or your Beagle may believe you would harm it.

A Digging Place

Your dog loves the sensation of dirt between its toes and the odors it unlocks in addition to the costly energy. Your Beagle may track even a mole or gopher. For those dogs, the only way you can stop him from digging up your whole yard is to give him his sand or dirt box.

Use a children’s box or create one yourself. Ensure that the soil within it is different from your landscaping and that your dog can learn the difference. Bury toys and treatments inside the box to encourage your Beagle to dig in and out. 

It is a great way to get him exercise and keep him bored while saving your landscape. And if he will dig himself out of your yard, don’t worry as there is no risk.

An area in your backyard can be allocated to stop your Beagle excessively digging. This little area can be used as much as your Beagle likes to explore all he needs. Either you can use a sandbox or fill it with plenty of sand or grow grass to dig up your Beagle.

You will have to see your Beagle before he knows that he can not dig out of his dedicated digging room and tell your Beagle if you catch him digging out of his particular digging room outside. Never, when he finds where he shouldn’t be, order your Beagle to do so, because your Beagle knows what’s going wrong.

How to Stop a Dog From Digging Up The Yard: Supervision

Do your best to monitor your dog every time he goes out in the yard until you control this behavior. When you see your dog start digging, stop him with a novel noise like clapping his hands or blowing the loud whistle.

Some people like to wear shaker bottles, empty cans of soda filled with coins or rocks. If you use a shaker, make sure that the sound breaks the concentration of your dog, but not overly afraid of him. 

You can then redirect him to more suitable behavior once you have his attention. The goal here is to disrupt your dog’s digging, interrupt his thinking, and then lead him back to something different and fun like chasing a ball or playing a go-finding game. 

What we find very efficient is to throw a handful of small treats on the ground. Your dog will need to use his eyes and nose to find these delicious delicacies. As he gets better at the game, he can throw treats into a full area, so he must observe these goodies longer and hopefully forget about whatever he tried to dig up! 

However, take care that your dog does not eat a lot of grass when looking for such treatments because it can contain parasites, pesticides, or other nasty things.

How to Stop a Dog From Digging Up The Yard: Containment

beagle digging

Sometimes, it is tough to suppress what your canine friend truly likes. So it can be much safer, in the long run, to control where he can dig. It can be done by providing a particular area of the yard indicated for excavation. 

Mark the area with low-floor frontiers or fences from your local home improvement store or make small flags used in lawn maintenance companies. Also, you can create a separate digging area where you can provide him with specific substrates, such as sand. 

The digging area may be marked, and fun items, like toys, partially buried in the substrate, can be hidden. Go out with your dog to the yard and call him and encourage him to dig up the items. 

Whenever he tries to dig into the other part of the yard, he will be disturbed and brought to his area. When he begins to dig out the goodies that you partially buried for him, give him much praise! Make it very obvious to him that he is showered on all the rewards and loves when he digs in the marked yard area.

Have The Right Attitude to Stop a Dog From Digging Up The Yard

Beagles are a very loyal dog-race, smart, confident, and at times stubborn. During the past, they were used for hare hunting, and the hunters pursued the pack on foot. Beagles are fund of the outside and have a poor behavior to dig, which can be annoying. Digging is in their nature since they were originally bred as hunting dogs.

It is essential because when your efforts seem to be in vain, you can easily be frustrated. You have to establish yourself as the alpha and remain in charge. 

Beagles are intelligent and can quickly feel tense or anxious and can just be defiant. If required, you must be consistent with your training and discipline your dog. 

Set a command like “Stop Digging” or “No” and use a firm voice if you start catching your puppy. You can discipline him even when he’s caught in the act because he can’t associate punishment with crime afterward. After all, dogs have a short-term memory.

Final Words

Remember, you’ve got to be reliable. Beagles are self-sufficient dogs and often can be stubborn. When your Beagle doesn’t feel like a king, he will lose respect for you and will continue to disregard your orders. Dogs love training and need it; it’s a perfect opportunity for you to connect with your Beagle and work together to accomplish a shared goal.