Best Companion Dog for Beagles – Say Hello!

Among other dog breed, beagles are famous, compassionate, and make an amazing member of the family. However, there are pet owners that are not satisfied with just a single pet pooch. Wanting to have various dogs consider if the new dog breeds you bring home is the best companion dog for beagles.

To check if the new dog breed and the beagle are good matches, discuss here are their traits. Moreover, we will also give you some tips on how to introduce the new breed to your beagle. Now, if you’re excited to add new members to your household, then check this out!

Why beagle gets along well with its best companion dog?

Basically, beagles easily attract companions because they are obviously friendly. Yet, the stubbornness and quite possessiveness of this dog breed should be considered. This is very important to check especially when you introduce beagle to another pooch.

Moreover, considering beagle’s personality and traits will help you to learn how they respond to other dogs. Initially, beagles’ friendliness and curiosity help them to find their best companion dog.

Perhaps, to be more definite, below are the primary reasons why this breed easily finds the best companion for beagles. The important thing is to give them the right socialization.

Group Dog Mindset

Hunting dogs are the original breed group of beagles. They usually go with a group of hunters and assist them in looking for their prey. Because of this, beagles do better in the group of other beagles and even other breeds.

And being crowned as social dogs, beagles easily get lonely when left for a longer time. There may also be instances that they howl when they are all alone.

Full of Energy and Loves Activity

Included in the list of the most active dogs, beagles are fully packed with energy. They usually need at least 30 minutes a day to have exercise.

Because of their tremendous energy and active personality, beagles can easily get along with other dogs. Yet, make sure that the potential best companion dog for beagles matches their energy level.

Dependable yet Dominating

Their dominating behaviour is a negative one as it could result in aggressiveness. On the meantime, beagles are dependable dogs. Because of these traits, having an instinct to protect someone can lead them to possessiveness.

What is the best companion dog for beagles?

Basically, the best companion dog for beagles may be based on circumstances of the surrounding and the individual around them. Beagles generally mingle well with other dog breeds easily.

Even cats can be a good companion of beagles. In fact, many households have beagle and cat at the same time. But this tandem might need further assessment.

For other dog breeds, there is no doubt that beagles are truly friendly. Because of this, there are some dog breeds that perfectly match the beagles’ energy and personality. It also leads them to be the best companion dog for beagles.

Dog breeds with highest compatibility with beagles:

The list of dogs below shows the perfect match for beagles’ personality.

  • Golden Retrievers
  • Labradors
  • Greyhounds
  • Saluki
  • Beagles

As pack dogs, beagles have a higher tendency to mingle with other beagles as well. Their best activities together are hunting or howling.

Dog breeds with lowest compatibility with beagles:

Meanwhile, the following dogs develop low harmony with beagles.

  • American Pit Bull
  • Bull Terrier
  • Shar Pei
  • Boerboel
  • American Staffordshire Terrier

ImPAWtant Reminder: The list above is only a conclusion based on the result of analysis of those dog breeds temperament. This simply means that the list is not a comprehensive list of dog breeds globally.

Qualities of the best companion dog for beagles

Here are the traits of other dog breeds that make them the best companion dog for beagles.

Golden Retrievers

  1. The goldies are fun-loving dog breed and very playful in nature. Playing squeaky toys and romping on the yard complete their day.
  2. They are smart dogs, very understanding, and make you feel like you’re being accompanied by a furry buddy.
  3. This dog breed is ultimately fearless. Just like beagles, golden retrievers are also hunting dogs. Because of these commonalities, the goldies become the best companion dog for beagles.
  4. Golden retrievers are not aggressive and have a lesser tendency to bite. In fact, they are most likely to be submissive.
  5. Goldies also play along well with other dogs and animals like cats, birds, and guineas. Aside from their pawrents and the people around them, they love to be with other dogs and creatures as well.


  1. Labradors do not play rough games. They have great control over their jaws and muscles.
  2. The labs love adventure and being friendly with new people. In fact, they always want to be the first one to welcome guests. Knowing this, they do not have any issues when it comes to socialization.
  3. This dog breed also likes other dogs. Labrador can mingle well with lots of canines in a natural way. This makes them be the best companion dog for beagles.


  1. The greys are quiet and gentle animals. They can get along well with the family members and children.
  2. Greyhounds generally like to be with the company of other dog breeds. In fact, many of the greys also live a happy paw life with cats.
  3. This dog breed loves fun and they love to attend social gatherings like reunions and parties.


  1. Salukis are affectionate, gentle, and calm.
  2. This breed seems to be initially shy but has a playful attitude on the rise.
  3. This dog is good with other dog breeds and even cats. Socializing with other paw friends is not a biggie with Saluki. That’s why they make the best companion dog for beagles.

Tips on introducing beagle to other dogs

The temperament of beagles and the friendliness are the primary factor for them to connect easily with other dogs. But, as pawrents, it is your responsibility to make the process of finding the best companion dog for beagles becomes smooth. Here are some helpful tips to successfully do this process.

  1. Start to introduce your beagle with other dogs at an early age. This is much applicable when your beagle is just a little pooch. Definitely, he will grow to be a friendly and sociable pet. Generally, the socialization stage that is critical for a beagle is around 3 and 16 weeks.
  2. It is the best time to allow your beagle to play with lots of dogs and even with people. This is the stage of their life that puppies take in more information about their surroundings. With this stage, finding the best companion dog for beagle will not be difficult. 

What to do if beagle meets other doors outdoors?

Below is a guideline on the things to do in case your little beagle meets other dogs outside your home. This will also help you and your pooch to find the best companion dog for beagles.

  1. Under a common territory, introduce the two dogs. 
  2. Maintain the leash of the two dogs attached to them. Remember, not to unleash the dogs during the time of meeting new paw friends. The friendly attitude of your beagle is not an assurance that he wouldn’t feel any threat.
  3. When walking, always walk at the back of the other dog. Do not allow the two canines to walk against each other. It is also a no-no to permit one dog to walk too fast. This action may result in making the other dog feel threatened. The best walking position for canines to find the best companion dog for beagles is to move the other one behind. Doing this may let both dogs become familiar to the smell and sight of each other.
  4. Do a continuous talking and petting to your little beagle. This is a way to make him feel safe. Beagles always look for positive support and this is the best moment to do it.
  5. Let the dogs be aware of the scent of one another. In case the other dog takes a pee, let the other smell it. Marking the territory is a great way for dogs to communicate. In addition, it is also essential to be familiar with each other.
  6. After completing some cycles of walking at the back and towards each other, let them walk in a parallel position. This way, they will have to stop and smell one another. Through this, they may find the best companion dog for beagles.
  7. Stay in full awareness for any signs of aggressiveness. This may include teeth bearing, growling, and raising hackles. Immediately pull any of the dogs who will show any of those signs. Pet them to calm them right away.
  8. After finishing the making friends’ process, it is already the moment to take them both in a house setting. Make them become familiar with each other indoor for a longer time period.

Helpful suggestion on how to bring other dogs at home to mingle with beagle

Canines’ outdoor meeting is far more different and complicated when taking home other dogs. The reason for this is that your home is your beagles’ territory. In addition, beagles tend to become antagonistic to distinguish invaders.

  1. Arrange a schedule for your beagle and the other dog to meet on a commonplace if possible.
  2. Follow the above procedure.
  3. After becoming friends, bring the other dog home.

In case, outdoor meeting is not possible, try to do these techniques:

  1. Select a commonplace for the initial meeting.
  2. Bring your beagle outside.
  3. Let the two dogs sniff each other.
  4. If it’s time to bring the new dog home, put away your beagle’s toys. This will not be a way for the new dog to pick up those toys.
  5. Take the two dogs inside the house and permit your beagle to wear off the leash.
  6. Bring the new dog and roam him around the house with the leash on. Let your beagle follow you.
  7. Wear off the leash of the new beagle the moment both dogs are already relaxed and comfortable with each other.
  8. Focus on any signs of aggressiveness.
  9. Let the dogs eat in two different areas. Place their beddings on different places as well. Doing this will help them not to encroach on the territory of one another.