Are Beagles Good With Other Dogs? Find Out Here!

In the right person and circumstance, beagles can be wonderful pets. They love being around people and other dogs, and most of the time, they are fun, polite, and healthy. Yet they can also be a bunch of barkers and howlers, ready just to take off when some scent catches their nose and demands a lot of attention and exercise. Are beagles good with other dogs? Are they social animals? Or do they prefer being alone? Let’s find out.

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Usually, their temperament and behaviors can be shaped by raising them and training — start early, remain consistent, and be patient. Ensure everyone is on the same page with the same orders and that they are rewarded for the same actions. Make sure you continue to socialize your beagles.

Are Beagles Good With Other Dogs?

The Beagle is a smell hound, a type of dog that hunts instead of searching. Many scent hounds do best in packs, a characteristic feature of the Beagle race. These dogs are incredibly personal and family-oriented, but they often get along with other dogs – even dogs of different breeds.

Aggression is not a trait characteristic of the Beagle breed in any way, although some Beagle owners report that in the presence of other dogs, their Beagles may become a little possessive. However, if you think of introducing a Beagle to your home, you should not worry about getting along with the other dogs.

Beagles get together with other dogs, then? Sure, most Beagles make other dogs friends quickly. Beagles are sweet, curious dogs bred for packs to survive. But because Beagles can be a little possessive and stubborn, when you first introduce your Beagle to other dogs, it is essential to take notice.

The guide will help you understand the attributes and traits of Beagles. It will also discuss some tips on introducing your Beagle to other dogs and teaching your Beagle to live in a household with several dogs.

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Why Beagles Are Good With Other Dogs

You will consider Beagles’ natural disposition and attitude to understand how Beagles responds to another dog. Beagles are polite and curious, all traits helping you get along with other dogs.

However, in particular, here are the key reasons Beagle would probably get along with any other well-tempered dog. Nevertheless, you must ensure proper socialization for them.

Pack Mentality

Beagles were bred as hunting dogs initially. They were accompanying hunters into packs and helping them to locate their prey. Beagles also excel in the company of other Beagles and in most other breeds of dogs too.

It is also an important reason why Beagles are good at dealing with children and family animals such as cats. Eventually, the Beagle would probably see them as part of the family. As such, they appear to shower people lovingly and affectionately.

Beagles are packed dogs and want to be around the family, so your child and other dogs are unlikely to be ignored.

Since Beagles are social dogs, they can become depressed or nervous when they are left alone for a long time. Some Beagles are also crying when left alone. Your Beagle will be provided by another dog the company it wants.

Beagles have instincts to make them accessible to other dogs. They still have to be socialized with other dogs, however. If you take a Beagle from your mother and litter too early, it can take more time for them to adapt to another dog.

Powerful & Healthy 

Don’t let it fool your calm at home. Beagles are very healthy dogs with plenty of time to invest every day.

Beagles need approximately 30 minutes to one hour every day. Not all owners have the ability to do physical activities with their dogs. So, here comes the other family dog – Beagles make the ideal buddy!

A friendly and engaging temperament will help them get along with other dogs. However, you will try to make sure the different dog breed still has a high energy level to suit the Beagle!

Loyal and Possessive 

A possessive disposition is usually not a desirable trait for dogs because it may eventually contribute to aggression. Beagles, however, are rarely aggressive but can help these dogs get along with others.

Beagles are obedient companions. Yet if they realize something or someone is deserving of defense, they may become possessive.

Most Beagle owners, for example, believe that their dog enjoys food. It can mean that they cover and guard the food bowls or the cabinet that stores the treats. This phenomenon can also occur with animals, people, and other pets.

There are ways to correct a puppy because we don’t think it is safe for pets. We emphasize that the possessive dog does not exhibit possessive actions because it doesn’t like the other dog. Instead, it’s the other way around.


Beagles are sometimes referred to as the “dog of gold.” They ‘re not too big or too small. Beagles aren’t too shy, but not too aggressive. They can be friendly, but in most cases, not too warm. These dogs have a very balanced temper.

What this means is that most dogs can easily understand the temperament and personality of Beagles. You will not test the boundaries of the other dog to the point of frustration. They ‘re going to play with dogs that like attention at the same time.

Beagles are, after all, known to be highly adaptive. In other words, it is easy to analyze the situation and decide. If dogs respond to something aggressively, they learn from it and behave differently the next time.


Of course, Beagles are gentle dogs when they have to be. Because they have been bred for hunting, which means aggression, they are just dogs. We are famously called kind and polite dogs.

Beagles find the ideal balance between gentleness and action. These dogs are equipped with two gears and often know when to be soft and the time to play hard!

However, if you carry a Beagle puppy around, it can take some time for the gentleness to come out. Most puppies are more active than usual, regardless of race. An excellent way to calm a hyperactive Beagle is to practice a lot.

Beagle Tricks for Socializing

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Here are a few points that you should remember before you let your Beagle meet other dogs.

  • Make sure your Beagle is well trained. He will be so happy when he meets his mates that he wants not to hold his orders back to you. It is one of Beagle’s workplace hazards.
  • If you want to visit and make friends in the park, keep bigger dogs away. Beagles are small, but hunting dogs are larger. They would like to argue with other dogs.
  • Your Beagle can rely on a variety of factors, including experiences as a child, her bloodline, and her genes. It could make the entire difference between a timid and scared puppy or a lush and content, well-adjusted puppy.
  • Beagles will begin this routine of socialization between 7 and 14 weeks. It is the best time to start learning. They will become acquainted with other dogs, children, and adults.
  • Note that your Beagle will learn the word “come” before attempting to socialize. Otherwise, he may decide to follow his new best friend at home, mainly if you took him away. However, getting the Beagle off the lead during training or “socializing” isn’t recommended.

Are Beagles Good With Other Dogs: Living In A MultiDog House

Even if all the dogs are usually friendly and gentle, multiple dogs can often lead to conflict in the household. Below are some ideas to keep your multidog house calm.

  • Hold your dogs in a position of good leadership – you must be strict and consistent while training so that your dogs are still aware of their standards. Enforce house rules faithfully but kindly praise and rewards when your dogs are healthy.
  • Know the fundamentals of the dog’s body language and the signs of provocation so that you can step in and settle a confrontation before it escalates.
  • Do your best to stay on a routine for eating, training, and bedtime – dogs thrive on consistency, and the dogs are less anxious and less prone to accidents if you have a fixed schedule without any variations.
  • Offer your dogs equal time both as a group and individually – pick a day of the week to spend a little more one-on-one with and dog and try to make stuff like treatments and training fair.
  • If you are in trouble with one or more of your pets, consider separating your pets from your home-every dog should be fitted with his box or bed to escape while you are away, so he feels relaxed and secure.
  • Beagles make perfect family pets because they are sweet, sweet, and gentle with children.

This breed likes to get along with other dogs too! If you think of introducing another dog to your family, don’t worry about your Beagle, but make sure your other dogs are accommodating.

Final Words

Beagles prefer to have dogs and other animals, but people come close to second. They also start to feel insecure if left alone for a long time without a human company. This is why your beagle needs to socialize while still a puppy.