Best Dog Bed for Senior Dogs: A Retirement Gift

Why do senior dogs require special beds? Anyone who loves dogs would give consideration to senior dogs. Dogs, as they grow older, decrease in playfulness and strength. Their agility drops. When the time comes, it will be your turn to guard them. Dogs are loyal to their pet owners. They will protect and serve their pet owners. However, limitations would exist when they are older. Special care becomes necessary. The best dog bed for senior dogs provides the necessary care. Providing a comfortable space is a way to take care of older dogs.

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Specially for senior dogs

Orthopedic beds provide utmost care to senior dogs. They feature sturdy memory foam. This memory foam does not sink. Instead, it is supportive. It stays in shape to accommodate aching joints and other pains. Senior dogs are prone to health ailments and aching joints. Think of them as your grandparents. Movement is limited. Their agility significantly drops. To an extent, they become prone to depression and anxiety. Orthopedic beds provide much relief from bodily pains. In addition to this, they also relieve depression and anxiety. They provide physical and mental health benefits.

Benefits of an orthopedic bed

Senior dogs suffering from hip and joint pains benefit the most. Orthopedic beds provide the necessary sturdiness. They have two types of support: memory foam and regular padding. Memory foam takes the shape of the dog, acquiring his size and shape. Doing so enhances the support. Meanwhile, regular padding does not adjust to the dog’s dimensions. Too much stuffing is not beneficial to senior dogs. Dogs sink in the bed. This increases the joint and hip pain. The entire weight falls on the dog’s body. It pushes the joints and hip to support the weight. A memory foam suits senior dogs better. 

Anxiety relief

Do dogs experience anxiety? Yes, they do. They do as much as we do. In fact, they experience loneliness and separation anxiety. Find out more in this article: Home Alone: Toys to Keep Dogs Entertained. Signs of anxiety are restlessness, sleeplessness, and decreased appetite. Senior dogs are prone to anxiety. Physical and mental health interplay in this regard. Senior dogs no longer play and bounce like they used to. Yet, there is a nagging desire to do so. They have been conditioned to be playful and protective. This inability to be their younger selves causes anxiety and depression. Investing in a special bed relieves them of that feeling.

Cleaning methods

The worst thing is to immediately throw the bed in the washer. Removing pet hair is an essential step. Pet hair clogs washers, damaging the spin. Keep in mind to never mix washing clothes and the bed’s bed. Use a  tape or gloves to remove the fur. Once everything has been settled, washing could follow. The same thought goes to drying. Never dry the bed with your clothes. The dog’s bed goes solo. Washing is best every two weeks. This prevents bacterial build-up. It is important to remove the fur from time to time as well.

Buying Guide

What’s in the buying guide checklist? Essential criteria are basic. They are found in selecting the best furniture. Nevertheless, the best dog bed for senior dogs requires additional features. Padding is one of the most crucial aspects.


The dog should fit in the bed. This enables him to stretch, sit, or lie. In other words, he should be comfortable. Not being comfortable will worsen hip and joint pains. It causes sleeplessness too. Measuring your dog from head to tail helps in selecting the bed.


Dogs chew on stuff whenever they are stressed or bored. The bed is no exemption. Even if your dog isn’t much of a chewer, add this still in the equation. You might never know. One day, you might be surprised. Durability, therefore, is a criteria. The best beds for chewers have durable materials. Cottony and fluffy beds do not suit gnawers. Dogs might eat the cotton or fabric. This leads to intestinal bleeding or indigestion. It is never a loss to be safe. Gnawers and senior dogs need sturdy material. 


Padding material and thickness matter. Getting a pad with loose polyester padding does not benefit senior dogs. In fact, this is counterproductive. Again, senior dogs would only sink in a vacuum of fluffs. This will harm their posture. Getting a sturdy foam is better. Tip: if you can sink your fingers easily, then the padding is polyester. If the material is solid, then the padding is made of foam. Thickness, meanwhile, should be appropriate. How to know? The material is bouncy. This indicates thickness and durability. It is simply Newton’s Law. 


A heating feature is not mandatory. You can, however, prices will spike. Simple logic works here. The thicker the padding, the warmer the bed. Thicker padding works best during cold seasons. On the other hand, thinner fabric works best during summer. If you are thinking of a breathable bed, then best to get an elevated bed. This type allows the cool to course underneath. But if it is a bed for curling and sleeping, the best option for senior dogs are thick beds.


Knowing maintenance needs narrows your choices. The bed should be easy to clean. Some packages feature cleaning materials. This becomes a blessing. But a vast majority do not. Buying cleaning materials such as brushes or a special detergent introduces more costs. It helps to purchase an anti-flea or anti-tick spray as well. This prevents parasites from festering the dog. Regularly spray some anti-tick or anti-flea products on the dog’s bed. To be safe, buy those that are 100% animal-friendly and safe. 

Other features

You should also consider added features. This includes liquid and stain resistance. It helps preserve the bed. Some beds have washable covers. This is extremely helpful in cleaning. You can clean the cover instead of the bed itself. Some beds also have anti-odor features. Beds with memory foams usually have this feature. Lastly, consider therapeutic benefits. Therapeutic benefits align to the overall design. For instance, a memory foam orthopedic bed produces a calming effect.

Our #1 Choice

Our Top Pick

[su_service title=”Big Barker Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed” icon=”icon: star” icon_color=”#2D3092″ size=”32″ class=””][/su_service]

Product Description: The best dog bed for senior dogs in our list has a calibrated response. It has three basic promises. Firstly, it is easy to clean. The cover is washable. You simply unzip and remove this to wash. This enables pet owners to regularly wash the cover. It preserves good sanitation. Secondly, it provides maximum comfort. The material is sturdy. It is not an ordinary bed. The manufacturers claim its ability to revitalize the senior dog. They provide a “won’t flatten” 10-year warranty. Lastly, the bed is versatile. It will fit any interior, blending perfectly in the background. In addition, this bed suits medium to large-sized dogs.


The product has three sizes: large, extra large, and giant. Padding is memory foam, suited for maximum comfort. The product  is an orthopedic bed having stable support. It is regarded as a therapeutic mattress. Covering has a velvety tone, made of microfiber. It is removable and washable. 


This top-notcher revitalizes youthfulness and agility. The special memory foam has physical and therapeutic values. It carries the dog’s weight. Moreover, it suits dogs with arthritis, hip problems, and old age. The bed makes dogs feel younger. It relieves them from anxiety and depression. The product has a 10-year warranty. This covers a “won’t flatten” guarantee. It vows to keep in shape. The 10-year guarantee ensures longevity. Therefore, this bed benefits pet owners and pets alike. It is cost-efficient and dog-friendly.

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✔️10-year warranty

✔️The padding is a therapeutic mattress

✔️Easy to clean: washable and removable cover


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❌This is not suitable for digger dogs: covering is made of microfiber.


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Our Runners-Up

[su_service title=”PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed” icon=”icon: star” icon_color=”#2D3092″ size=”32″ class=””][/su_service]

Product Description: Truly the best dog bed for senior dogs. This bed has a smart design. First of all, it has a water resistant cover. It prevents tearing as well. The cover, therefore, is durable and made for diggers. Second, it has a memory foam that stays in place. This memory foam does not contain harmful chemicals. It is perfectly safe for dogs. Meanwhile, it accompanies a polyfilled bolster cushion. This adds comfort and warmth. Third, the removable cover is easy to clean. It is machine washable. The design was made for arthritic dogs. A stable and sturdy bed is beneficial in distributing weight. The bed also has a neck pillow to relieve fatigue and neck pains. 


The bed features 4-inch memory foam base, neck pillow, water resistant and removable cover, non-skid bottom, and polyfilled bolster cushion. It supports senior and arthritic dogs. The package includes a memory foam mattress, cover, polyfilled bolster cushion, and waterproof liner. It has 4 sizes: small, large, extra large, and jumbo.


The best thing about this bed is the exterior. There is a neck pillow to increase comfort. This benefits senior dogs. To an extent, this also relieves anxiety. Having a neck pillow is priceless. Dogs would curl and sleep soundly. This product is also versatile, suiting any dog sizes. It was also made of environmentally friendly materials. The layer of foam and cushion calms a weary dog as well. Another notable feature is water and scratch resistance. Being scratch resistant is important. Most beds deteriorate quickly with all the digging and scratching. This one, thankfully, can withstand diggers and gnawers.

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✔️Versatile: accommodates small to large-sized dogs

✔️Water and scratch resistant

✔️Memory foam with polyfilled bolster cushion


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❌None so far


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[su_service title=”The Dog’s Bed Orthopedic Dog Bed” icon=”icon: star” icon_color=”#2D3092″ size=”32″ class=””][/su_service]

Product Description: This orthopedic bed provides utmost support and comfort for senior dogs. It provides relief from hip and joint pains, arthritis, tripawds, and muscle soreness. In addition, the comfort mitigates anxiety, depression, and stress. This runner-up revitalizes the dog’s youthfulness and playfulness. It is designed to extend the dog’s agility. In addition, this bed leans on a practical side. It has removable covers, making it easy to wash and dry. The mattress is waterproof and protective. A soft plush material sits a-top the memory foam. This provides a layer of comfort for the dog. Everything else contributes to sturdiness.


This bed is versatile, practical, and sturdy. It fits the needs of most senior dogs, big or small. The bed is perfect against hip and joint problems and arthritic pain. It relieves the seniors of old age pangs. It provides a therapeutic rest. The bed has orthopedic memory foam, water resistant cover, and plush top.


Last on our list is a practical orthopedic bed. Firstly, it has various sizes to accommodate different dog sizes. This makes the bed versatile. Secondly, the cover is waterproof and durable. Being waterproof is important. This extends the bed’s life. Thirdly, it has a therapeutic value. It relieves hip and joint pains. Senior dogs would love to rest in this comfortable sturdy space. The memory foam is high-density and stable, making it worthy of praise. This allows dogs to sleep soundly in any position. The plush material on top enhances sleeping quality. A beautiful sleep is a great way to award a senior dog.

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✔️Versatile: fits most dog sizes

✔️Has an enhanced high-density memory foam

✔️Specifically designed to relief pain from arthritis, hip and elbow dysplasia, and post surgery


[su_column size=”1/2″ center=”no” class=””][su_box title=”CONS” style=”noise” box_color=”#B20010″ title_color=”#FFFFFF” radius=”8″ class=””]


❌The cover is not scratch resistant


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which is better for senior dogs – an elevated bed or an orthopedic bed?

A: Both types have different advantages. An elevated bed provides more sturdiness. It is definitely more breathable. On the other hand, an orthopedic bed is both sturdy and soft. You can buy both. The elevated is used for hot seasons. Meanwhile, the orthopedic bed is used during cold seasons. Orthopedic beds, however, provide the much needed comfort for sensitive joints and hips. An elevated bed might be too sturdy for senior dogs with arthritic pains and joint problems.

Q: Do covers have to be waterproof?

A: Being waterproof is the surest way to go. Some senior dogs could hardly control their bladder. While sleeping, they might pee on the bed. A waterproof cover is easy to clean, just in case.

Q: What is the best detergent to clean an orthopedic bed?

A: A mild detergent is the best option. Even better, it should be scent-free. You might never know if the dog does not like the smell. The safest option is a scent-free detergent. 

The Bottomline

The best dog bed for senior dogs revitalizes youthfulness and playfulness. Your dog is not necessarily transformed “as good as new.” However, a good night’s sleep refreshes him. It relieves physical pain, enhancing mental health. A best dog bed for senior dogs makes a great retirement gift. Your ever-faithful companion would appreciate a relieving rest. It is a great way to return the favor for being a best friend.