Top 3 Best Ear Drops for Dog’s Ear Infection

Ear infections are a nuisance for dogs. Floppy eared dogs are particularly prone to ear infections, but any breed of dog can get it. If you notice your dog shaking their head, whining and scratching the ear area, they may likely have an ear infection. If you suspect they have this ailment, a prompt visit to the vet is crucial. You need to get the infection cured to prevent the suffering of your pet and to offset more serious consequences such as damage to the eardrum and hearing loss. Your vet will likely prescribe the best ear drops for dog’s ear infection so your pet will get immediate relief. Ear infections need to be cured early on so your dog can get back to their full health.

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Best Ear Drops for Dog’s Ear Infection– Tips for Preventing Ear Infections in Dogs

Best Ear Drops for Dog’s Ear Infection

Underlying Causes

An ear infection may be a sign of some underlying medical condition. Treating these underlying causes with the best ear drops for dog’s ear infection is the only way to make sure the ear infection is stopped. Causes include allergies, foreign objects stuck in the ear, hormonal and autoimmune diseases, and tumors.

However, the usual culprit are allergies. Skin allergies bring inflammation to the surface of the body, which causes irritation. The small space of the ear canal breeds is an ideal place for yeast and bacteria to grow. This further increases the inflammation that can lead to ear infections.

Dogs can react to any number of allergens in the environment, like pollen, grass, mites, and fleas. This is also a reason why flea and tick prevention are important. Diet is also a part of the problem. Some dogs have food allergies or food sensitivities, which can cause them to have ear infections. Dogs are particularly sensitive to beef, dairy products, and wheat.

Keep the Ears Dry

Yeast and bacteria love your dog’s ears. This is especially true for breeds like Cocker Spaniels and Retrievers, whose floppy ears trap moisture.

If you have these breeds, it is crucial that you clean and dry the ears every five to 10 days. If your dog is a swimmer or is bathed regularly, clean his ears as soon as possible after water exposure. Drying ears will remove moisture and prevent yeast and bacteria from getting a chance to inhabit the ear canals.

One good practice is placing a cotton ball in the ears during bath time to keep dry. Just rest the cotton at the opening of the ear and don’t push them too deep.

After bathing remove the cotton ball and dry the ears. Use a dry paper or cloth towel to dry the inside flap around the ear canal’s opening.

Keep the Ears Clean

It is important to clean the ears of your dog. Lift up the earflap, then fill up the canal with a vet-recommended solution, or soak a cotton ball with a solution and squeeze the liquid into the canal. After gently massaging the base of the ear for 20 to 30 seconds and letting your dog shake his head, use dry cotton balls or soft towels to wipe off debris. You can use cotton-tipped applicators in the folds inside the ear flap, but don’t insert any into the ear canals. The applicators could push wax and infection deep down and damage the eardrum

Use Supplements

A good diet is your dog’s first defense against ear infections before best ear drops for dog’s ear infection. Give them a nutritionally complete diet made from high-quality ingredients. You may also use supplements as part of your strategy for preventing ear infections. Always check with your veterinarian before feeding your dog supplements.

If allergies are the cause of dog’s ear infections, a daily omega-3 fatty supplement can help. This supplement reduces inflammation, which lessens the risk of ear infections. Omega-3 fatty acids, like those found in fish oil supplements, may decrease inflammation associated with skin allergies that often appear in a dog’s ears and feet.

An immune system that is unbalanced can make your dog more prone to infections. A probiotic supplement can balance the normal bacterial flora within the intestinal tract and promote an appropriate immune response.

Plucking Ear Hairs

Some owners pluck their dog’s ears for hygienic reasons. This is not appropriate for every dog. If a dog has healthy ears and has not had infections, it is best not to pluck. However, if a dog with very hairy canals keeps getting ear infections, then it can help to keep the canals free of hair.

If you do decide to pluck hair from your dog’s ears, this is probably not something you want to try by yourself, unless you’re experienced. Plucking can lead to pain and cause more ear problems. It is best to schedule an appointment with a groomer or veterinary professional if you think your dog’s hairy ears are a problem.

What Causes Ear Infections in Dogs? Best ear drops for dog’s ear infection

Best Ear Drops for Dog’s Ear Infection

The canine ear canal is different from a human. Dogs have L-shape ears that tend to hold in the fluid. This makes dogs more prone to ear infections. Bacteria, yeast, or a combination of both cause ear infection. In puppies, ear mites can also be a source of infection. Having the best ear drops for dog’s ear infection is vital to prevent your dog’s further suffering

Factors that can cause your dog to have ear infections include:

  • Moisture, water residue creates an ideal environment for bacteria and yeast to grow
  • Allergies lead to ear disease in about 50 percent of dogs with allergic skin disease and 80 percent of dogs with food sensitivities
  • Endocrine disorders, such as thyroid disease
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Wax buildup
  • Foreign bodies
  • Injury to the ear canal
  • Excessive cleaning


There are three types of canine ear infections. The infection point to which part of the ear is infected. The least serious type of ear infection that can affect dogs is called otitis externa. This type of ear infection involves irritation of the cells that line the outer ear canal. The other two types of ear infections, otitis media, and interna can be more serious. They affect the middle and inner part of the ear.  This is a result of infection spreading from the external ear. Serious consequences of these types of infection include loss of hearing and facial paralysis. Early treatment with best ear drops for dog’s ear infection is crucial. You should be aware of how to identify ear infections.

Top 3 Best Ear Drops for Dog’s Ear Infection

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Runners Up

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This brand eliminates common ear problems such as ear infections, wax buildup, and redness caused by fungus, yeast, bacteria, and ear mites. Dogs often get smelly ears and itch from their many activities. Ear infections manifest as head shaking, and discharge. Bexley’s best ear drops for dog’s ear infection flushes away, parasites, and accumulated debris. The formulation is mild and doesn’t cause irritation or stinging. It is safe enough to be used for routine ear cleaning, especially after swims and baths. This brand is safe for adult dogs and puppies and is proudly made in the USA.

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If your dog is suffering from ear infection, it is crucial to get them some relief with Vet Organics EcoEars Dog Ear Cleaner. This brand is an alternative to prescription medicine. It aids in the treatment of itching, discharge, and odor caused by bacterial, fungal, and yeast ear infections. This brand restores your dog’s ear health in just seven to ten days. The formulation of this product is all natural so it safe to use for your dog even without a prescription. EcoEars have a lot of natural organic products on their list that have proven to be effective in humans and are now formulated for dogs. It works to rid the ear of organisms that cause the most common infections. This product is very easy to use and provides fast-acting relief in 24 to 48 hours.

Best ear drops for dog’s ear infection Frequently Asked Questions

Q: All ear infections are the same, so can I use the same medicine that worked the last time?

A: The veterinarian needs to examine a pet for each ear infection to determine the cause of infection. Ear infections can be caused by a variety of bacteria and yeast. The treatment recommendations and medications selected will depend on the specific infection and contributing factors. It is crucial that the veterinarian examine the pet to determine whether this infection had shown up before or wasn’t resolved. Only then can they recommend the best ear drops for dog’s ear infection.

Q: Will plucking the hairs out of my dog’s ears result in my dog never getting another ear infection?

Best Ear Drops for Dog’s Ear Infection

A: You should avoid hair plucking if the hair isn’t causing a problem. Experts don’t recommend routine hair plucking, because it can cause inflammation.

Q: My dog has an ear infection; did he catch it from another animal?

A:  Ear infections often occur secondary to inflammation in the ear, which may be a symptom of an underlying condition such as allergies. When the environment in the ear is altered or unbalanced, bacteria or yeast can cause infection. These infections aren’t caught from another pet.

Q: Does my dog scratch, lick, or chew because he’s simply bored and grooming himself?

A: Scratching, licking, and chewing are signs of an itchy, allergic dog. If you observe these symptoms, schedule an appointment with the veterinarian. Your dog may be suffering from otitis externa. Allergies are one of the most common causes of ear inflammation and infection. And if a dog is showing signs of allergies, it should have its ears checked too.

Q: If my dog’s ears are cured, he’ll never get another infection.

A: This may be true if the ear infection didn’t occur because of an underlying health condition. However, if allergies were the culprit, the ears should be managed along with the allergy over your pet’s lifetime. Your veterinarian needs your help to keep watch over the ears and may ask you to clean them regularly to help prevent inflammation and infection.

Final Thoughts

The ear of your dog is vulnerable to ear infections because of the way it is built. Dog activities such as swimming and bathing also contribute to water retention causing the growth of bacteria and yeast. You need products that will help maintain the health of your dog’s ears. Best ear drops for dog’s ear infection can be your daily maintenance to keep your dog’s ears healthy and clean. An ear infection can cause pain and discomfort in your dog, so you must have ready vet-approved maintenance when this ailment strikes.