How Often Should I Exercise My Beagle?

Beagles are like humans too. They need regular exercise in order to stay fit and healthy. Also, it extends the life span of your beagle. This breed is very active even when they grow old. That being said, it important for your beagle to have a proper exercise to prevent destructive behavior from occurring. No matter how busy you are, schedule an exercise with your beagle. After all, it is your responsibility to take proper good care of your doggo. Not being able to do so may lead to dog problems like aggression and anxiety. Just keep on reading to find out how much exercise do beagles need. Also, this article provides some tips and guidelines on how to lose some calories with your beagle.

How Much Exercise Does a Beagle Need? The Best Exercises for Him!

What are Beagles Like?

Before we discuss how much exercise do beagles need and what is the best exercise for your beagle, it is important to understand their temperament.

Beagles are medium-sized dogs with cute faces and hyperactive behavior. They are considered one of the best pet dogs because they are loyal, affectionate, loving, and friendly. It is advisable to train beagles at an early age because they easily get irritated when they grow older. But if you train the moment you bring your beagle to your house it will be easier.

The most important thing to know about beagles is that they have a strong instinct for hunting. looking for things, and tracking. This is because apparently this type of breed have strong sense of smell compared to other breeds. That being said, do not be surprised when you notice that your beagle is spending too much of his time sniffing.

Considering these characteristics, beagles need regular exercise. 30 minutes to 1 hour of physical activity per day is enough to prevent health problems like heart complications and obesity. Moreover, this also helps your beagle to sleep soundly.

These are the three best exercises that you must give for beagles

*Everyday Walking

This first type of exercise is probably the most common type of exercise for your beagle. It is very easy and you do it anywhere you are. You do not need props or even teach your dogs. So how much exercise do beagles need for this type of physical activity?

A beagle requires a regular walk of 30-40 minutes at a comfortable pace. If it is your beagle’s first time to do such activity, it is best to do 15 minutes walking. You should also observe the reaction of your dog, see if the pace is fine with him, or is he having fun. If everything looks good, slowly increase the time you both spend on walking.

Plenty of beagle owners prefer this exercise because it is a great way for the beagle to meet other dogs on the street or see kids playing at the park. It is also important to expose your beagle to a different group of people.

When walking with your beagle, make sure you put a leash on him. This is important especially if you are planning to walk your dog on a different block. Sometimes, beagles tend to too agitated whenever they see dogs or kids who are trying to play with them. Some beagles might see this as a threat.

Every day walk with your beagle is not only an effective way to burn some calories, but it is also a great way to establish a strong bond with each other.

*Playing with Toys

If you are a busy person who finds it difficult to allot time for your beagle, the least you can do is to make sure your beagle has plenty of toys to play with. Beagles are like kids too, they love it when there are plenty of toys in the house or in their cage.

If you have kids, lucky for you. They will be the ones exercising your beagle without them knowing. Beagles are kid-friendly. When they see kids playing they want to join. Also, they are a moderate eater. Hence, the toys are safe with them. In fact, beagles like plush toys because they find it comforting.

How Much Exercise Does a Beagle Need? The Best Exercises for Him!

*Play fetch

Another popular exercise for your beagle is the game of fetch. Perfect for dog owners who prefer indoor exercises and who have a spacious house. Although it seems like a not so intensive exercise for your beagle, they actually find this game fun. Even if you try throwing a ball a lot of times, they would still want to fetch it and give it to you. You should also practice giving them a pat on the head or a treat every time they successfully fetched the ball or a toy.

If you want you and your dog to exercise at the same time, this may not be the best choice as your dog is the only one who gets to exercise.

*Frisbee Toss

Almost all dogs are good at playing fetch. But only a few dogs are great in Frisbee toss. Unlike the regular game of fetch, this activity requires extra skill from your beagle. Your beagles need to have concentration, dedication, and a lot of focus.

To see if your beagle is into this kind of game, try rolling the frisbee to the ground. If you see that he wants to put it in his mouth. After that, if you think that dog has an interest in this particular game, try tossing in a slightly low level. Gradually increase the level once you notice that your beagle is ready to take it to the next level.

How much exercise do beagles need for this particular activity? If you are just training your beagle on how to play frisbee, you should do it every day for 20-30 minutes. Strictly monitor if he is coping up very well. This one is an excellent way to burn energy. Aside from that, you might also discover some hidden skills of your dog.

Try these tips when teaching your dog the Frisbee toss.

*Playing with Other Dogs

On the off chance that you have other dogs in your aside from your beagle, then your beagle must get exercise from playing with them. This is the case if your pets go along with each other. As for beagles, they are social dogs and friendly to both humans and dogs. If your beagle is regularly playing with other dogs, then you do not need to think too much of exercises that are best for your dog.

*Tracking and searching exercises

We mentioned earlier that beagles have a strong sense of smell and the love sniffing around the house. Another type of exercise that your beagles would love is tracking and searching for exercises. This type of exercise provides mental stimulation to your dog.

*Tracking his favorite food

Try using your beagle’s favorite food or treat and you will be amazed on how fast he is on finding it. Make sure you place the treat on a different place every time you do tracking exercises. Place it behind the door, under the couch, or anywhere he cannot easily find it. Also, you can leave bits of the food along the way to help the beagle follow the scent.

*Tracking a toy

This should not be hard provided that it is your dog’s favorite toy. Before doing this activity with your beagle, you should first teach him a keyword that once he hears you say it, he will start looking for it.

This one harder to achieve because you still need to train him. Unlike food where your dog will easily get it.

*Tracking his owner

A lot of beagle owners love this game. They also get to have fun, not only their dogs. If you want, you can also involve your whole family.

Ask one family to hide without your doggo realizing. The moment the family disappears, give an item to the dog that the family member has worn. Allow him to sniff it for a while. You will notice that your beagle will suddenly start looking for him/her.

When playing with your dog or involving him in your exercises, do not forget to reward him. Be it a kiss, treats, or hug, your dog will surely love it.

How Much Exercise Does a Beagle Need? The Best Exercises for Him!

How much exercise does a beagle puppy need?

The above mentioned exercise ideas are suitable for adult beagles. A puppy beagle needs different needs. You should not involve them in to intense exercises as their bones and joints are still fragile and not as strong as those of adult beagles.

The best exercise for puppies is playing with their toys. Strictly observe them and get the toys if you think that they are playing too much. A walk in the park or a few minutes of play fetch are also great ways to exercise your beagle puppy.

As for younger beagles, 20 minutes of mild exercises every day or every other day is advisable.

How Much Exercise Do Adult Beagles Need?

As dog gets older, they tend to get tired easily. This does not mean that you should not give them proper exercises. Since they are old, they are more susceptible to illnesses. Make sure they stay active to exercise those joints and muscles.

Also, adult dogs are prone to arthritis. Physical activities prevent this from happening. If you are to incorporate some of the exercises above, make sure you do not overdo it. Allot at most one hour of exercise every day.

Final Words

Beagles are known active breeds that have a strong sense of smell. They always have high energy levels to jump, run, and play with their owners. To prevent, health complications and possibly destructive behavior, make sure they get proper exercises every day. For adult beagles, daily exercises must be at least thirty minutes a day. If you run out of things to do with your dog, you can always go back to this article to come up with a fun way to exercise your beagle.