A Tale of 3: Best Shock Collar for Beagles

Beagles are highly trainable and sociable. Growing up in a household makes beagles great pets. Children learn more responsibility in the process. Beagles are also used in law enforcement. They make great sniffing dogs in airports. Most people in airports prefer beagles rather than other guard dogs. Beagles appear friendlier. Therefore, most training equipment suit beagles. A shock collar for behavior modification and training is an example. The best shock collar for beagles have a range of features for training and behavior modification purposes. 

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Beagles as pets

Beagles are known as scenthounds. They live through their nose. Their feet follow interesting scents. Their fur is easy to maintain. They also love exercising, walking, and playing. Beagles have become famous as household pets. However, they could also secure the house from intruders. Their sniffing ability alerts pet owners on strangers. Beagles are the lovable-protective type. However, their playfulness gives them away sometimes. They could drain their pet owners’ energy. The entire house becomes a playground. Behavior modification and training, hence, becomes a necessity. 

Types of e-collars

Shock collars are also known as e-collars. They send electrical stimulation to the neck area. There are different intensity levels for various purposes. Other shock collars feature vibrational settings. Some have additional control and shock features for specific purposes. Meanwhile, a radio-controlled electronic device operates the shock collar. There are different types of e-collars in the market. They either have a specific or general function. 

Training shock collars

Training shock collars function using a remote control. They are the type with enhanced stimulation and different intensity levels. Some have beeping alerts. They suit training headed to behavioral modification and skills learning. Trainers and law enforcement usually utilize training shock collars.

Bark control collars

Beagles and other dog types live to bark. They could be restless, day and night. This kind of restless behavior demands behavior modification devices. Controlling excessive barking is a common concern for trainers and homeowners. Bark control collars function to reduce barking behavior. They “shock” the dog at the slightest hint of barking. Vibration or microphone operates the bark control collar. 

Benefits of shock collars

At a glance, shock collars may seem offensive for a pet. Some countries have banned shock collars, claiming safety and behavioral considerations. Death can also become a consequence. The slightest manufacturing error could be fatal. Denmark, Australia, and Norway are some of those that banned shock collars. Shock collars, however, are safe for dogs. They deliver slight electrical stimulation on different intensities. The electrical shock is not a lethal current. This is slightly similar to electrical muscle stimulation or TENS devices in humans. TENS devices also use electrical stimulation and are 100% safe. The same logic follows for shock collars for dogs.  Shock collars provide a drug-free alternative to dog training. They also maintain dogs’ security on premises. Harmful behavior, for instance, such as frequent scratching and biting are controlled. Medication controls aggressive behavior. Some could have side effects. A shock collar becomes a drug-free alternative.

Best Shock Collar for Beagles Buying Guide

There are different specifications for a shock collar. Some are intended for enhanced training. These are the types suiting a trainer. Most shock collars are more basic, suiting pet owners. Choosing the best shock collar for beagles introduces these factors.

Intensity levels

Intensity levels depend on the type of shock collar. They also depend on device sophistication. More devices today have varying intensity levels. Intensity levels are remote-controlled operated. Bark control collars, on the other hand, detect vibration on the dog’s neck. The shock is delivered upon detection. 


The pet owner has full responsibility over the device. Knowing even the tiniest operating details is important. A user manual accompanies the device. It is important to read and learn the instructions. If you are unsure, then a trainer with experience is best consulted. There are various techniques in a shock collar. The pet owner should learn to utilize these techniques. 

Pulse duration

Most shock collars differentiate intensity levels through pulse duration. Repetition is another way to differentiate. Meanwhile, intensity level is constant. Pet owners should consider checking the variations and the pulse duration.

Warnings and hazards

Shock collars on the market have most likely passed safety standards and compliance. Manufacturers include “warnings” and “hazards” information to ensure optimal function. This may include proper storage and sunlight exposure. Pet owners should always check for such information. This ensures the device’s optimal functioning. It also ensures the pet’s safety.


Pet owners should only buy from reputable manufacturers and stores. There should always be a warranty and safety standards compliance in the packaging. The manufacturer should have a physical space. Checking online for reputable manufacturers also helps. Buying from a non-accredited manufacturer could be fatal. It could jeopardize your pet’s safety. This can also be harmful for the pet owner. Any warranty on replacement, or refund could be sacrificed. There should be physical space and a customer help hotline. This guarantees pet owners on device integrity.


The device could have a rechargeable, disposable, or replaceable battery. Most buyers go for the rechargeable type. This is more cost-efficient and sustainable. Knowing the type of battery used is also important. This is decisive in the safety standards involved. If the battery is rechargeable, then it helps to learn the charging and operating hours.


What are the different modes? The shock collar may have different modes intended for various purposes. A training mode is an example. There could even be an anti-barking mode or behavior modification mode. Knowing the purpose of buying the device is important. This narrows the options.

Sensors and technology

There are different sensors and technology involved. This can include barking sensor, movement, and impulse. These are added features in the collar. They are important in knowing the shock collars’s functionality. Some collars are tech-packed, accommodating a barking sensor and movement sensors. Others have a single sensor to focus on that particular behavior. For instance, a basic barking control collar has a barking vibration sensor or technology only. The device uses that particular function. The more features, of course, the better. However, keep in mind that greater power also involves bigger user responsibilities.

Collar size

The average adult beagle neck size ranges between 12 to 18 inches. Meanwhile, the average weight is 18-30 LBS. It is important to check for the compatibility among the neck size, weight, and the collar. Shock collars depend on the dog size.  Some are intended specifically for beagles. 

Our #1 Choice

Our Top Pick

[su_service title=”Static, Vibration and Sound Stimulation Collar with PetsTEK Dog Training Clicker” icon=”icon: star” icon_color=”#2D3092″ size=”32″ class=””][/su_service]

Product Description: This top-notch device is one of the best shock collar for beagles. It is a training device, suited to build positive behaviors. The device assists pet owners in keeping the dog in check. In such a way, this also eliminates bad behavior. A remote control operates the device. Pet owners control stimulation levels. Meanwhile, stimulation levels harness fine tuning and perfect static levels. The device reaches a 1 mile range. Therefore, pet owners can also use the device during vacations. The beagle could explore the surroundings in a safe way. The device has safe-keeping features. Both the controller and the device are waterproof and impact resistant. In addition, the device has a LED light to work during the night. It locates the dog in the dark. Furthermore, the package also includes a clicker for positive reinforcement. This helps in dog training.


The package includes the receiver/shock collar device, remote controller, contact points (2 sets), carrying case, battery charger, user manual, lanyard for the remote controller, and PetsTEK Training Clicker. It features a clicker for positive reinforcement and a shock collar device for behavior modification. The device and controller are waterproof and impact resistant. The collar fits beagle neck sizes. It accommodates 6 – 30 inches. Static level, meanwhile, 100 lock and set levels. Other features include LED light, beeper, and 1-mile range. 


This is one of the best shock collars for beagles yet. Firstly, it highlights safe mechanisms for electrical stimulation. Intensity levels vary in terms of tuning. Static level is safe at this rate. Secondly, it features an LED light and a beeper. The LED light enables pet owners to monitor the pet during night time. Meanwhile, the beeper feature adds to the device locating mechanisms. Thirdly, a clicker accompanies the device. The clicker helps in beagle training. Overall, this package is worth every cent. It makes use of positive reinforcement to create new behaviors. Positive reinforcement also gets rid of unwanted behaviors. 

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✔️2-in-1: the package includes a shock collar device and a clicker

✔️Static correction at a safe level with fine tuning

✔️Waterproof and impact resistant


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❌None so far


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Our Runners-Up

[su_service title=”SportDOG Brand 425X Remote Trainers” icon=”icon: star” icon_color=”#2D3092″ size=”32″ class=””][/su_service]

Product Description: Second on the list intends to keep the dog within the premises. This is one of the best shock collars for beagles that combines static correction and vibration. The device is intended for pet containment. It reaches a range of 500 yards. This keeps the beagle within a safe range. It is perfect for vacation trips. This allows the beagle to sniff around and explore. The beagle has that much freedom. Yet, pet owners facilitate safety mechanisms. The device also connects to more than one collar. It can remotely connect to a maximum of 3 collars. The collar is also waterproof. It is submersible up to 25 feet. 


The collar features 21 static stimulation (vibration and beep), rechargeable Lithium ion batteries (2 hours charging time), low battery indicator, DryTek technology for water resistance, and 500 yard range. It fits 5 to 22 inches of neck size, making it beagle-worthy. The collar is also compact and lightweight. The controller accommodates up to 3 collars. Battery life for collar and controller is 50 to 70 hours. 


Pet containment is one of the purposes of shock collars. This allows the dog to explore within a safe range. Pet containment is done within a residential vicinity or training ground. Vacation spots also need pet containment. This ensures beagle safety. This device works perfectly for pet containment. Firstly, it accommodates 500 yards. 500 yards is wide enough for exploration, training, and playing. This is also a safe range. Secondly, the device has vibration and buzzing. This increases options for behavioral control. Lastly, the collar can connect to more than one collar. Having more than one beagle will not be a problem. Overall, this product allows beagles to have fun. Fun time, however, is within a safe and observable range.

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✔️21 stimulation that features buzzing and vibration

✔️DryTek technology: water resistance

✔️Long battery life (collar and controller): 50 to 70 hours


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❌Additional collars are not included in the package.


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[su_service title=”Mini Educator E-Collar ET-300″ icon=”icon: star” icon_color=”#2D3092″ size=”32″ class=””][/su_service]

Product Description: Last but not the least is this “mini-educator” collar. This is one of the best shock collars for beagles that provides the appropriate stimulation. The “shock” is blunt, working at a safe intensity. It helps to calm the dog. The collar relieves the dog from hyperactivity and aggressiveness. It also features a night light for tracking in the dark. The device suits stubborn and aggressive beagles. It helps in behavior modification and training. This makes the device suit professional and home use. Meanwhile, the transmitter floats on the water. It is water resistant and durable. The transmitter also has a beeper feature. This helps in locating the transmitter. 


The package includes shock collar with 1 to 60 stimulator levels, “lock and set” to prevent overstimulation, controller, pet towel, collar receiver, contact points (2 sets), contact point removal tool, battery charger, user manual, and lanyard for the controller. Meanwhile, LED light and beeper features are extra features. Li-Polymer rechargeable batteries are included in the package. Charging takes 2 hours only. The device reaches a 1/2 mile range.


The device helps to monitor and train stubborn beagles. The best shock collar for beagles has monitoring and training abilities. This product applies both criteria. It is truly one of the best in the market. Firstly, customization is great. The “lock and set” feature prevents customization. It also allows pet owners and trainers to “lock” the desired stimulation level. Secondly, it has 1 to 60 stimulator levels. This allows pet owners to choose the most appropriate for their beagles. Thirdly, charging only takes 2 hours. Pet owners might need the device constantly for stubborn dogs. This device is fast-charging to suit immediate needs. Meanwhile, safety measures are intact. Stimulation correction functions at a very mild level. It helps beagles to achieve new behaviors.

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✔️“Lock and set” feature to “lock” a desired stimulation level

✔️Pet towel included is 100% biodegradable and disposable

✔️Transmitter is compact and water-resistant


[su_column size=”1/2″ center=”no” class=””][su_box title=”CONS” style=”noise” box_color=”#B20010″ title_color=”#FFFFFF” radius=”8″ class=””]


❌Collar is slightly bulky


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Best Shock Collar for Beagles Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does static stimulation hurt the dog?

A: A shock collar does not hurt the dog. The stimulation get the attention of the dog, never hurting him. This rarely happens; however, stop using the device for any signs of mental and physical pet discomfort. 

Q: How can you tell if the stimulation level is ‘safe’?

A: The user manual or operation instructions contain stimulation level information. Otherwise, the device contains the information. The lowest stimulation level is the safest. It is a safe route when the device is used for the first time.

Q: How can you tell when a shock collar should be used? Are there behavioral conditions wherein shock collars work best?

A: Shock collars can be used as a primary training device. However, most pet owners use shock collars as an alternative to training and positive reinforcement. Shock collars work best to mitigate excessive barking. They also get rid of persistent unwanted behaviors. One example is consistent digging in the yard. If these tips do not work: How to Stop a Beagle Dog From Digging Up The Yard, then it is best to try a shock collar instead.

Q: Are shock collars appropriate for puppies?

A: Shock collars are safe to use. However, they may not be the best training device for puppies. Puppies might be sensitive to stimulation. Also, shock collars fit adult-sized dogs.

Final Thoughts

The best shock collar for beagles provides safety, positive reinforcement, and convenience. Why is positive reinforcement important? It is a humane way to train dogs. Giving beagles treats while creating new behavior using the shock collar is positive reinforcement. Moreover, stimulation is not harmful. Many pet owners are hesitant to use shock collars This is a good opportunity to clear the water. Shock collars do not punish dogs. In fact, they help dogs in training and behavior modification. Shock collars also help pet owners and trainers in monitoring their furbabies.